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Mar 16

Guest Post: Daybreak Utah

Daybreak Utah

There is an enormous difference between a house and a home, just as there is as large a difference between a street and a neighborhood. You’re not just buying bricks and mortar or a cute little flower bed out front, you’re buying your entire lifestyle by choosing where you’ll spend your downtime and what things are important to you at the end of the day.

Now what if you could buy the perfect home that reflects your lifestyle and ensure that you are surrounded by like minded people who are just as concerned about their homes environmental impact as they are about “curb appeal?”

Daybreak Utah

In the last few years, home owners that care as much about the earth as they do about their properties, finally have an option other than living out in the middle of nowhere and trying to make a go at sustainable living on their own. An ever growing number of new homes in Utah are purchased within the growing community of Daybreak and there are many reasons for this switch in thinking. Parks, school, shops, organized community events and a fully stocked fresh water lake make communities like Daybreak almost a village unto themselves. Not only is there a safety and a beauty in these designed neighborhoods, but they also promote sustainability, smart growth, and green building. Daybreak was the first Utah community to require every home to be built to EPA Energy Star guidelines, and as a result, the homes use 30% less energy on average than non-Energy Star homes. Daybreak homes save an average of 5,206 gallons of water each month, measured against comparable homes in older neighborhoods.

Daybreak Utah

Our attitude towards preserving our environment is steadily improving and communities like Daybreak are positive proof that you really can have the best of both worlds; A home and a community that you are proud of and the knowledge that you are also being environmentally responsible in your choices. These two factors are among the many reasons that communities like Daybreak are becoming so popular with future homeowners.

Whether you are looking at new homes in Utah or more specifically, Salt Lake homes, it’s nice to know that you have options that will please both your desire for community as well as your concern for the world around you.

Daybreak Utah

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