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Mar 29

Eco-Friendly Tips on Disposing Printer Cartridges

recycling symbolPrinter cartridges are the replaceable components of your inkjet or laser printer that contains the ink or toner that is spread on paper during printing. You need to replace them with brand new cartridges when they become empty. Ordering brand new cartridges and throwing the empty ones in the trash can be the easiest thing to do but can be the most environmentally damaging action. The plastic casing will just stay in landfills for decades and the toxic chemicals from the ink or toner will leech out in the soil and underground water. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly ways of disposing your spent printer cartridges.

Donate Empty Cartridges for Charity

Donating your empty printer cartridges to charitable organizations is an eco-friendly way of supporting a good cause. There are organizations and websites out there that are willing to collect your cartridges in exchange for cash that will be directly forwarded to your chosen charity. is an example of website that receives used printer laser toner and inkjet cartridges for charity. This non-profit organization support outstanding charitable institutions such as Helen Keller Worldwide, Child Fund International, United Way, The Smile Train, and Habitat for Humanity International. Visit their website to learn how to send your cartridges to them.

There are other websites similar to, just google them. You can also check with your local stores, schools, and charitable organizations to find out if they have their own cartridge recycling program.

Cartridge Recycling for Cash

It is true that there is cash from trash. You can exchange your empty ink or toner cartridges into extra cash. There are many recycling services that will pay you to send them your empties such as and These companies offer free local pickup and free shipping boxes. They offer competitive pricing but may require minimum units to be disposed from you.

Cartridge Recycling for Rebates

There are cartridge retailers or manufacturers that instead of paying you with cash, they give you attractive rebates on your next order of ink or toner cartridge. These manufacturers will recycle your empty cartridges to make new cartridges.

The amount of rebates that they will offer to you depends on the model and condition of your cartridges. Ink and toner cartridges for high-end laser printers are expensive so you would expect higher rebates if you return them to manufacturers.

Workplace Recycling Program

If your workplace is printing a lot of documents, it is more likely that you are using and disposing a lot of cartridges. Instead of putting these cartridges to garbage bags and throwing them away, recycle them for charity, cash, or rebates. Coordinate with your superiors and fellow employees to start a cartridge recycling program. This kind of program could save an enormous amount of waste every year.

Final Words

Although cartridge recycling requires a little extra effort and small time investment from you, it is an outstanding way of helping the environment and saving cash.


Author bio:

Raymund Camat blogs about recycling of cartridges for Brother toners and Samsung toners. He works for, an online retailer of compatible printer cartridges and printer supplies that receives empty cartridges in exchange for rebates.


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  1. cheap toner cartridges

    It is wonderful idea to keep envirnoment eco-friendly while disposing catridge. We can help envirnoment following your ideas. thanks for sharing

  2. Raymund

    Yes cheaper toner cartridges, we can help the environment if we follow the ideas I’ve written.

  3. Remanufactured Toner

    Thanks for your comments guys. If you have additional ideas on how to recycle spent printer cartridges, please share them here. Thanks.

  4. HP 51604A

    Reuse your empty printer cartridges and unwanted mobile phones, and raise funds for deserving charities at the same time. The vast majority of your cartridge or phone donations are reused: a much better use of energy and raw materials than simply recycling.

  5. laser printers

    Their recycle process only requires that their customer request the necessary packaging to send it to their facilities. Lexmark pays for postage and gives you the printing labels.

  6. secure mobile shredding

    Yes Clay Miller you are right that cartridge recycling is the process to save energy and cash. We should think for it.

  7. laser toner

    From an environmental point of view refilling is better than recycling. Recycling generally involves transportation of empty cartridges and therefore the burning of fossil fuels while refilling is typically done on-site.

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  11. custom silk screen

    this was a really great post. In theory I’d like to write like this also – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

  12. samsung toner cartridges

    Just plain brilliant! A lot of people won’t see recycling cartridges this way, but with what I just read, this is a good idea.

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    There are effective ways to help in minimizing environmental waste. Aside from helping in environmental preservation, cartridge recycling is undoubtedly the option that will allow you to earn more cash.

  15. Adrian

    The hardest part is coordinating the scheme to ensure that everyone in the office knows and complies. It’s usually best to have a central point from which to recycle them.

  16. George Connolly

    Never knew that cartridges can be recycled. This is such a cool article 🙂

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