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Apr 06

The Future of Electric Cars

Toyota Prius

Image courtesy of Tomw99au

Many people who are actively seeking cheap insurance for young drivers are starting to turn to electric cars in an attempt to drive down premiums. With annual insurance costs regularly running into four figures for younger proposers even for the smallest of vehicles, considering purchasing an electric car can be one solution to this thorny issue.

Electric car production has come a long way since Sir Clive Sinclair introduced the C5 to UK roads in the mid 1980’s. With ever increasing fuel prices starting to put the cost of motoring beyond the reach of some, you would expect that electric car production would increase over the next few years.

Although there are still very few electric production cars on British roads, development in other parts of the world, particularly the Far East and the US, is beginning to gather pace and this could have wider implications for those seeking cheap insurance for young drivers. An example of this is the Nissan Leaf which will hit the UK very shortly. This vehicle was introduced in the US and Japan in 2010 and has been making its way around Europe this year.

Improvements in the range and top speed of all electric vehicles seem to be increasing and the Leaf will achieve a distance of around 73 miles before it will need recharging. This vehicle is winning countless ‘green’ awards and promises to be the start of a wave of new vehicles hitting the streets. Production in the UK is due to commence in 2013, by which time the car will be globally available.

Another vehicle that is, as yet unknown to drivers in Britain is the Think City. Manufactured in Finland, this is sold in Scandinavia and other European countries such as Spain, France and The Netherlands but there is no news with regard to wider production.

Anyone looking to reduce their fuel costs while helping the environment will be keen to see production of these cars accelerated and brought to a global market.

In general, insurance companies will offer a discount for these types of cars so there are added benefits in this respect too. Anyone looking for cheap insurance for young drivers will also welcome the development of these vehicles.

One car that we have seen something of in the UK is the G-Wiz. Manufactured by Indian company Reva, the G-Wiz has been in production since 2001 and there is a smattering of them to be found on British roads today.

The G-Wiz and the upcoming Nissan Leaf are just automotive tips of the big iceberg and many companies have been testing vehicles in recent years and are expected to launch their new models in the near future. Ford and Daimler Chrysler are two notable names that are due to be introducing their own brand electric vehicles shortly.

There is still some way to go with regards to Electric car production across the world but clearly developments are being brought in all the time and it may not be an exaggeration to say that an explosion of these vehicles is imminent.

In these austere times and with traditional fuel costs rising to greater levels, it seems inevitable that more and more people will look at alternatives. Insurance companies too are working to assess the new breed of vehicles and it is hoped that this will assist those looking for cheaper car insurance at the same time.


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    I noticed that there is slow public patronage on electric cars. I think the reason is lack of government support to manufacturers.

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    One of the primary issues is that the cost of production continues to remain high in comparisson to conventional vehicles. In addition, the tax credit offered by government does not bridge the gap enough to encourage more electric vehicles.

  4. Efried

    Cars are a waste, electric cars are much more waste of resources. Think about ultralight hybrid electric vehicles like the TWIKE! Also the BugE is a fine starting point for commuters.

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