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Apr 14

The Green Cycles: Recycling, Freecycling, Precycling, Upcycling, Downcycling and E-cycling

green cycles -recycling-freecycling-e-cycling-upcycling-downcycling-precyclingThe Green Cycles help to keep materials in use (in a cycle) and not in landfills or elsewhere in the environment. Each cycle fulfills the 3 R’s of the environment (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle).  Learning these can help you to create less waste, save you money and help you to have a more beautiful and healthy environment.  These cycles are great to teach children as well.  They make great family and school projects because they can be implemented at home, school, office or wherever you may find yourself.

Each of the Green Cycles has a different specific function, but they all help to improve the planet in their own way.

The Green Cycles:

Recycling is processing used materials into new products, which results in less waste of potentially useful materials, less consumption of fresh raw materials, less energy usage and less water and air pollution.

Precycling is thinking ahead before you buy. This can reduce the buildup of waste, items to landfills and even can save you money.

Freecycling is giving away items for free instead of throwing them away. A great reusing network can be created.

Upcycling is creating useful items from recycled material. This results in less waste and even can save money through reusing and not having to buy again.

Downcycling is reusing or recycling of a product for an alternative lesser-quality purpose to keep it out of landfills or elsewhere.

E-cycling is the recycling of electronics. E-cycling helps to prevent some e-waste such as lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxins to enter the environment.

Actively participating in just one of these Green Cycles can help you to help the environment. Don’t be overwhelmed. Look into all six and see which ones would be easier for you to implement and go from there. This would be a great start to a greener and healthier future.

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  1. shredding Houston

    When it is possible to reuse or recycle then do so to avoid wastage. Because of the clutter, you might not remember that you have already acquired the same item and you might spend and waste money. I do agree that plastic products can be found almost anywhere in the world and they can be toxic to the environment especially if we do not dispose of them properly. Through blogs and information, we ca be an inspiration to others – proving that if we can reuse or recycle paper, plastic as well as old electronic gadgets – then they can also make a difference.

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