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Apr 29

Ten Iconic Trees from Around the World

Actors, rock, and the royal bride and groom aren’t the only celebrities getting attention this week. Since Arbor Day is coming up many of the most famous trees on earth are showing up in headlines. In celebration of Arbor Day, I present my favorite Iconic Trees from around the world!

#1 The Lone Cypress
treeThe Lone Cypress in Monterey, California isn’t famous because of its size; it is iconic because of its sheer isolation on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. The tree stands alone on the rocky shore on a raised rocky bank of the ocean and is arguably one of the most photogenic trees on Earth.



#2 General Sherman
Also in California are the Giant Sequoias of the Sierra Nevada. Located in Sequoia National Park are some of the largest trees on the planet, of which the most famous is a tree called General Sherman. Standing at 275 feet tall General Sherman is around 2,200 years old.



#3 Chandelier Tree
There are 4 giant California Redwoods that are large enough for you to drive your car through them. The most famous of the 4 is in Leggett, California and is named the Chandelier Tree. It stands at 315 feet tall and has a 6’x9′ hole cut into its base.





#4 Methuselah
The oldest tree on Earth is located in the White Mountains of California. It is a Bristlecone Pine tree named Methuselah. The tree is 11,000 feet above sea level and was 4,789 years old when it was sampled in 1957. Not only is it the oldest known tree in the world but it’s also thought to be the oldest living unitary organism in the world.




#5 The Tree of Life – Mexico
Near Oaxaca, Mexico is El Arbol del Tule or “the Tree of Life,” a Montezuma Cypress tree that has a trunk girth of 190 feet. The mammoth tree towers over the church that is right next to it and draws many visitors every year.




#6 The Tree of Life – Baharain
Living in the middle of the Bahrain desert is a 400-500 year old Mesquite tree. The tree is miraculous because it is seemingly the only living green organism living in the center of a vast desert wasteland. So miraculous, in fact, that the local residents believe the tree marks the ancient location of the Garden of Eden.



#7 The Boab Prison Tree
Western Australia is home to a unique tree that has a dark history: The Boab Prison Tree. In the 1890s this large hollow tree South of Derby was used as a lockup for prisoners on their way to Derby for sentencing.



#8 The Major Oak
Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England is home to a famous tree that is approximately 1,000 years old. The Major Oak is believed by locals to have been the shelter of Robin Hood and his men.




#9 The Avenue of the Baobabs
In Western Madagascar, The Avenue of the Baobabs is a group of trees that are nearly 800 years old. The Baobab trees tower over the dirt road between Morondava and Belon’i Tsiribihina and it’s hoped that they will become Madagascar’s first national monument.



#10 The Chene-Chapelle
The most famous tree in France is more than just a tree, it is also a building and religious monument. The Chene-Chapelle or Chapel-Oak of Alloville-Bellefosse, is a 500 year old tree that was hollowed out by a lightning bolt. In 1669 a chapel was built inside the hollow trunk.






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