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May 18

Benefits of Kayaking for the Environment


Kayaking can be a great way to get outside and enjoy some warm summer days on the water while getting an excellent core workout. However, it is also so much more than that. The kayak is a self-powered vehicle that is environmentally safe for the water and its ecosystem.

There are many benefits for the environment when we make the choice to kayak as opposed to ride on a motor boat. The abundant use of motor boats has affected not only the quality of the water but also its shoreline and all life that surrounds it.

It is critical to understand the disastrous results of disrupting a body of waters eco-system and what choices we can make to stop it.

Polluted Waters

Many bodies of water including lakes and rivers have become extremely polluted because of a growing population, increased development, as well as excessive use of motor vehicles, on and off the water.

One of the biggest contributing factors to water pollution is oil and gas. Besides the exhaust from vehicles and the oil and gas leakage that gets washed into the water through storm drains, it is well known that boats are a huge contributing factor as well.

It is far too common for motor boats to leak oil and gas. When that happens it not only tampers with the quality of the water, it also disrupts its delicate ecosystem as well as its living habitat including all aquatic life, plants and animals.

The Disruption of the Ecosystem

When even just one part of the river or lakes ecosystem is disrupted such as with oil or gas being leaked into the water, the whole system gets upset.

Oil and gas cause the water to be overfed with certain nutrients which changes the ecosystem and causes the body of water to age at a very fast rate. Whereas a normal aging process would have taken thousands of years, man’s carelessness is speeding up that process at a very scary rate.

If you do make the choice to use a motor boat it is important to make sure it is well maintained to try and avoid as much as possible any oil or gas from entering the water.

Eroding Shorelines

Another major problem with motor boats is excessive speed in shallow waters which cause the erosion of the shoreline which affects the quality of the water as well as the condition of all life that surrounds it.

When a motor boat uses excessive speed it disrupts the rooted vegetation and stirs up bottom nutrients and sediment. This in turn results in more turbidity which is one more factor that disrupts the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Motor boats are fun to ride on but they are extremely disruptive for the bodies of water that we love, as well as all vegetation, aquatic life and wildlife. Therefore it is critical to find other ways to enjoy the water that do not have such disastrous effects.

In my opinion, kayaking is the perfect eco-friendly mode of water transportation and a fun activity that can be enjoyed by any person of any age.

Benefits of Kayaking
There are many benefits for you as well as for the environment when you choose to kayak.

  • Kayaks are completely self-powered and use no gas or oil; therefore there is no possibility of leaking these substances into the water.
  • Kayaks do not use excessive speed and do not disrupt the shoreline.
  • Kayaks are fun to paddle and provide a great core workout as well as a great peaceful escape from day to day life.
  • Kayaks allow you to explore areas you may not have been able to access by land or by motor boat.
  • Kayaks come in many different styles and sizes so there is one to suit each person’s needs.
  • If you choose to use an inflatable kayak you can even bring it along traveling with you any place you choose to go.
  • Kayaking allow you to become one with the elements and enjoy the aquatic and wildlife around you without disturbing them.

If you make the choice to paddle your way across the water you can be sure that you have a far greater chance of truly connecting with nature, respecting it and enjoying its beauty. I find that kayaking truly allows you to experience the waters ecosystem while knowing that you are doing one small part to protect it.

Hopefully in turn the water that we love to travel on and play in will be around for a very long time for future generations to enjoy.


Author bio:

Chloe Lang is a freelance writer with a passion for healthy living and has written numerous articles on the benefits of outdoor recreation and kayaking. She is currently reviewing Advanced Elements inflatable kayaks for people interested in portable kayaks, including the popular Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame.


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