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5 Eco Friendly Nail Polish Brands

eco-friendly nail polish

If you’re looking for small but tangible ways to live a more green life, start with your beauty and grooming routine. Something as simple as using sustainable nail polish can go a long way toward a more natural environment, so let’s take a look at five eco friendly nail polish brands you might be interested in.

1. Nubar – vegan and eco friendly is how best to describe this nail polish brand. They carry several cool shades and with each one (free of formaldehyde, phthalate and toluene) Nubar is squarely aimed at the animal friendly and sustainable crowd.

2. Peacekeeper – this is another animal friendly brand that caters to the eco concsious ladies among us. With Peacekeeper nail polish you can expect no animal testing and each one is carcinogen-free.

3. Priti – this brand has a line specifically for kids called Priti Princess. There are several cute colors to choose from with each bottle holding the non-toxic nail polish made specially for future little runway divas. The first of its kind.

4. Aquarella – this cool nail polish is water based, odorless and fast drying. Three traits that many Earth friendly consumers now seek (and expect) in their nail care. If a water based nail polish is what you seek, give this brand a try.

5. Opi – this brand has been around for quite some time and is a big buzz in Hollywood, as it was recently announced that the Kardashian sisters will be creating a special line. Opi nail polish is free of DBP, toluene and formaldehyde, plus you have over 100 different color shades to choose from.

All of the nail polish brands mentioned above have been created with the Earth and your health in mind. Feel free to note your favorite brands below in the comment area, if I missed a few of your personal faves. There are many more brands available, our list only mentions five.

That concludes our round up of five eco friendly nail polish brands that you can find online or at a retailer near you.


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This article was written by Missy, who freelances for a Canadian natural skincare products line of hair and makeup called A-nu. When she’s not writing guest articles for various clients on the web – she loves to ride horses, bike, walk, hike, kayak and anything else that can be done outdoors.

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