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Jun 08

A Green Office Needs Green Office Equipment

green clipWhen you need to purchase office supplies and equipment, it pays to be green. You can save money for yourself or for your business, as well as helping to reduce your carbon footprint — the most important of all.

When you buy green products they generally have a lower chemical content than those which are of first manufacture. Recyclers pay more attention to what goes into the product which means that chemical sensitivity is less of an issue. I’ve gotten together a few tips to help you go green, or if you think you are already quite green to go even greener in your office.

Becoming More Energy User-Friendly

Those Energy Star stickers on machinery such as printers, computers, and even small refrigerators for the office break room, mean money in your pocket and the ability to go outside and breathe just a little easier when you grab a bite for lunch. All appliances and machines with this sticker mean that they have been tested and approved for your area in regards to energy efficiency as well as using less energy and saving you money on the electric bill, over a year’s time.

Always Check Power Levels

Fine tune your computer to do its thing on a regular schedule — sleep, low power, normal operational, screensaver, and even switch off. If you use Windows, go to Control Panel then power options to determine when you want your computer to turn down the hard disk, monitor, or go into standby mode. If you have a Mac, go to System Preferences, then Energy Saver pane, and then Sleep to adjust your energy saving settings.

Make a comparison on energy usage before you buy and you’ll save even more. Go around the office, or your home office, and unplug as many things as you can each night.

How Much Time To Warm Up Those Machines?

If your computer or printer warm up quickly then you’ll save a bit on electricity there. Do whatever you can through your computer’s control panel to weed out any extra files or things which may be slowing you down. Fiddle with settings as you check your power bill each month. Defragment, under accessories and system tools on the windows start menu, if your computer needs that still, or set the controls to do it automatically for you. This really speeds up the operation of your PC and reduces power consumption.

Green Supplies

Be frugal with your paper and use recycled, which can then be recycled again. Use both sides of the paper, print less often, try and set your printer to draft mode (printing is paler). By using recycled paper you’ll be using paper which has been made by using 90% less water and around 50% less energy, and of course, less trees as well. Recycle your used white paper and make scratch pads up by cutting paper to size and stapling them together. This helps save on using even more products and energy.

Avoid thermal paper and use the plain kind, if you still make use of a fax machine. More and more people use email attachments rather than faxes, or just have their computers pick up the faxes from a fax server. Use larger ink and toner cartridges as they save on the manufacture of additional cartridges. Recycled toner and ink cartridges can offer savings, but check your manufacturer’s warranty first.

What Refills Are Used For Your Machines?

Check out what each toner or ink cartridges costs and how many pages it normally prints, before you buy any new equipment. Some give a lot more pages than others and this, again, saves on money and the environment. Always keep the recycle, reuse, and reduce motto in your head and I’d like to add to that — reinvent.

Think before you purchase and do a little research. Check the manufacturer’s booklet or flyer on how much energy the machine used, how much do the refills cost for the ink or toner, what do the latter cost in different sizes, and also consider whether you need color or just plain black ink or toner. For a home office, there are modern and efficient black laser all-in-ones which will save you money, time and energy. You can still keep your color inkjet for occasional use — like making your own business cards or printing out party invitations!


Author bio:

This is a guest post by Lloyd Burrell. He has a website which specializes in office executive desk furniture. South shore office desks (who are renowned for their eco friendly office furniture) , office desks with hutch, L-shaped desks, Bush executive desks and U-shaped desks are some of the more popular choices. Lloyd lives on the West Coast of France with his wife and two children.

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