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Jun 20

Cardmobili- Reducing Plastic, One Card at a Time


Before you read this, take out your wallet take stock of what is inside. You might find some cash, some credit cards, and, if you are like the majority of Americans, you undoubtedly have some loyalty cards in there too. In fact, the average American is a member to over 18 loyalty programs. Now that is a lot of cards! Unfortunately for the environment, this statistic also means that there is a lot of plastic being produced for these money saving programs.

Cardmobili is the company that is fighting to make this particular source plastic a thing of the past. They provide a service through their application that allows you the user to store all the information from your loyalty and membership cards on your phone. They work exactly like your traditional plastic cards and can even be scanned from the screen of your smart phone. One of Cardmobili’s core missions is to completely replace the plastic card and to end this source of plastic waste.

Plastic use is at an all time high. Each year, 30 million tons of plastic waste is generated and over 13 million tons of new plastic is produced (EPA). What we have to do to reduce these drastic numbers is to take it upon ourselves to reduce the demand for plastic by changing our own behavior. The plastic that is replace in your wallet by Cardmobili might seem like only a droplet in a 30 million ton sea of plastic. However, over the span of the globe it will make a huge difference and is the beginning of a trend to take small, personal steps to end the need for plastic. These small steps taken by concerned people the world over will have an important and significant effect on our environment.

So why not get started today? Start carrying a reusable water bottle, shop with reusable grocery bags, and download Cardmobili today. Just remember, after you have transferred your plastic cards to your phone, put them in the recycle bin.


Author bio:

Helena Leite
CEO of Cardmobili

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