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Jun 22

Guest Post: How to Recycle for Creative People

Recycling can be fun to some people, but not so much for others. Maybe you say “I don’t have time” or “I never remember” or even “I don’t know how” but in the end if you’ve gotten bored of lounging around in your reclining sofa and you’ve run out of beers, then a bit of crafty recycling can be quite entertaining. Honest!

creative recycling

Reusing plastic pudding pots

One idea that I really like is cleaning out the pudding pots and screwing them to animal cages to be used as pet food dishes for smaller animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. This can be both useful and efficient, plus they last a long time. Another use for them could be putting them in drawers and using them as sorting pots, or on shelves for the same use. If the pudding pots come with lids such as pull off foil or plastic tops then you can reuse them as containers for small things such as pins and screws. Attach them to a length of bamboo and you could have an easy bird feeder, or pin them to the trees themselves so the birds can use them as nests.

Reusing paper that’s been printed on both sides

Test your origami skills? Little pieces of origami can be a brilliant addition to a birthday or Christmas presents, or as a table presentation at dinner. You could use the paper as a background for scrapbooking, or tear it into strips and paper mache with it. At Christmas time you can make a paper chain out of them to use as decorations for your house or tree. Alternatively you could stick to the conventional and make paper aeroplanes instead!

Reusing cereal boxes

There are a million and one thing you can do with cereal boxes, granted you have the imagination. One of the most obvious is storage but others I’ve seen are magazine holders (covered the box in left over wallpaper or wrapping paper for a double reuse) or to hold all your papers and pens when moving house.

Reuse your old clothes

This is one that you can truly get creative with. That long sleeved baggy top you never wore? Your new crop top. The jeans that are too short on you? Shorts instead. Mending your clothes is one thing but editing and remaking them is a new craze that is becoming bigger and bigger. Add sequins, lace, beads, stitching, anything. You are your own designer! Are long denim skirts “out”? Then make it your new mini skirt. Fashion is constantly moving and having something completely unique and different is a good way of keeping ahead of the trends.

Reuse your odd buttons

This one is the simplest and my favourite. Take a thin needle and a sturdy piece of thread and simply pull all the buttons together into either one long necklace or smaller bracelets. Very cute, very pretty, very easy and very on trend!


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    One of my ways of recycling old clothes is donating them to the needy or to my poor relatives in the Philippines. It’s so nice to help as well as to recycle.

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