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Jun 27

Guest Post: Going green: Eco-friendly Document Management Software

green chairA paper document is the heart of every business process. Regardless of market or industry, to support business functions in any organization: marketing, accounting, customer service, human resources, research, production and shipping are just a few basic business functions, business documents, as well as important elements of this process.

Imagine an organization without documentation, how can you live? Despite their importance, however, documents, and production methods, with their notoriously harmful to the environment: to recycle waste and hazardous substances, energy consumption control, irresponsible forest management practices will contribute to all these factors and to environmental organizations.

Find out what opportunities are better solutions to manage documents in order to protect the environment and improve the bottom line.

Conscientious Forest Management:

Your team must examine the document management services, document services provider, which has taken the necessary steps to certification under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has been obtained. This facilitates the preparation of sustainable forestry.

Eye on Energy:

By including the production of energy consultant to review certain documents in the service providers to take measures to reduce energy consumption significantly. This applies to all energy sources and consumption at all points of energy consultants often help to make a correction and energy saving and to assess the possibility of reducing greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide organization.

Decrease sources of waste unfit for recycling:

Current sources of non-recyclable waste reduction is important for a healthy future for our environment, best practices on the basis of document management services document current processes to eliminate hazards to the environment in order to minimize waste and optimize processes such as:

* The measurement of waste streams
* Continue the action plans for each waste stream, reduce and eventually eliminate the waste back to the factory and the entire company.
* Identify all sources of internal and current methods of waste disposal
* Classification of wastes

Initiative for Sustainable Green Printer:

New national partnership of three organizations in print (Pia / GATF – Printing Industries of America / Graphic Arts Technical Foundation Graphic Imaging Association, Flexographic Technical Association SGIA in the FTA) to print “Putting Green” status and implement best practices and industry to the overall objective.

Think about service providers who are currently or actively seeking a document, certified sustainable green Partners (SGP) in the printing industry. SGP as a certified printer can print a number of performance through the establishment of standards and practices in accordance with the following criteria are listed below:

* To use, when and where possible, materials or renewable raw materials, low environmental impact, it turns out to maximize the efficient use of renewable energy, recycling and recovery efforts.

* Changes in the supply chain of raw materials that do not threaten or harm future generations.

* Identifying and social responsibility through sustainable environmental practices for printing.

Standard Register recognizes its responsibility and commitment to the environment and the communities in which we work and serve. Our “less paper” strategy document flow management, our customers have a significant impact on reducing overall consumption of paper companies in North America and at the same time, the Smart work on our document management platform to offer our customers and environmentally friendly way to manage and document the costs and benefits for them to be responsible decisions.

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