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Jun 28

Product Review: reuseit™ Biodegradable Garbage Bags

reuseit biodegradable garbage bagsThe good people at reuseit™ sent me samples of their product line of biodegradable garbage bags made from 100% recycled plastic. I looked forward to reviewing their products after learning more about them. They are made in the USA from recycled plastic collected from Chicago. Their plastic trash bags are infused with a natural additive that allows the plastic to biodegrade completely into natural elements. This reduces the amount of plastic that remains in landfills for thousands of years.

From the reuseit™ website:
According to EPI Global, the additive’s manufacturer, the trash bags will completely biodegrade (decomposing into simpler materials found in nature) when discarded in soil in the presence of micro-organisms. In a landfill, the bags will degrade within 12-24 months. Minimal packaging – each set of bags comes in a roll secured by a paper wrapper. Available in 4 gallon small, 13 gallon tall kitchen and 30 gallon lawn bags and don’t include ties.

I have now used all three types of their garbage bags: the small garbage bags, lawn garbage bags and the tall kitchen garbage bags. I have to say that I liked all three. Since they will degrade within 12-24 months in a landfill you might think they would not be very strong. On the contrary, these are very strong bags. I would test the strength of the bags by pulling, stretching and filling with heavy and sharp items and they help up very well. No breakages or leaks in these bags.

I would recommend using reuseit garbage bags. They come in three convenient sizes and are very dependable. Reuseit™ cares about the environment and their products show it.

About reuseit™ products

All reuseit™ products are made with Fair Labor/Fair Trade practices and are backed by the reuseit™ Lifetime Guarantee. Not only do our products and information support environmental consciousness, but we also donate one percent of all sales to environmental and social causes through 1% For the Planet. They also have single use bottles and cups, paper towels, straws, utensils, wrapping paper, disposable batteries, toothbrushes and more.


  1. Lee Lee

    In order to make this a more thorough, accurate, and educated review, you should see if it does, in fact, degrade within the time period it says and do some research about what that "Additive" is. I’ve read many times that the additive that supposedly makes it biodegradable in products like this, does pollute the soil and ground water.

  2. Recycled laser toners

    How I wish all supermarkets use biodegradable garbage bags. Lesser plastics will be dumped in expanding landfills.

  3. Taller de mantenimiento

    Nice article as for me. It would be great to read something more concerning this theme. The only thing it would also be great to see on this blog is some pics of some gadgets.

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