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Jul 06

The Best Places in the Country to Find Environmentally Friendly Living Spaces

Nowadays, besides cost, size, location, and more, finding an apartment that is environmentally friendly is becoming a top priority for renters who are concerned about doing their part on cutting down on our energy use and depletion of natural resources. Living in a “green” apartment building not only allows residents to be more efficient with their energy, but it can also reduce costs on monthly bills. Furthermore, these apartments dramatically cut down on water consumption, carbon dioxide emission, and heat pollution. Here is a look at the five most eco-friendly apartment buildings in America.

The SolaireNew York, NY
The Solaire is the country’s first green apartment tower, located in Battery Park City. Not only does this building conserve energy, it is actually 35% more energy-efficient than the LEED code requires. This also means that there is a 67% lower electricity demand during its peak hours. The Solaire has photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight to electricity, which results in lower electric bills for residents. Furthermore, a storm water reuse system provides water for landscape irrigation, cooling towers, and even toilet flushing. The Solaire also exhibits a rooftop garden that reduces heating and air conditioning bills by providing natural insulation for the building.

Park 19Portland, Oregon
Park 19, located in historical Northwest Portland, offers environmentally friendly apartments with a vintage twist. With dual flush toilets and low-flow showerheads, this apartment complex uses 40% less water than your typical apartment building. Furthermore, nontoxic materials with low emissions are used in order to increase indoor air quality. This includes recycled content, renewable linoleum flooring in bathrooms, and green guard carpet. Park 19’s reflective roof decreases the heat island effect often exhibited in urban cities like Portland.

The HelenaNew York, NY
Located in West Manhattan, the Helena strives to make being “green” a part of every aspect of the building. The Helena has walls made of expansive glass that maximize the influx of natural light. Furthermore, recycled content was used in parts of the building materials, reducing the environmental impact. Energy is reduced at the Helena in numerous ways. 50% of this energy is wind generated, and solar panels provide additional amounts of energy. Sensors in the building’s public areas will automatically lower the light levels when no one is in the area. Each apartment is filled with Energy Star-rated appliances that have been certified to reduce energy consumption.

Alta K StationChicago, IL
Alta K Station was Chicago’s first LEED Gold certified rental residence in 2010. In order to reduce the carbon footprint, Alta offers fuel efficient Zip Cars for rent on site. It is also conveniently located near mass transit lines in order to encourage public transportation. Furthermore, the heat island effect is reduced through a green vegetative roof. The landscape at Alta is only irrigated with rainwater, decreasing the amount of fresh drinking water used throughout the building. In America, 40% of waste comes from construction – however, Alta reduced its environmental impact by recycling at least 50% of their construction waste.

The MillenniumThe Woodlands, TX
The Millennium is one of the most environmentally friendly apartments in the Houston area. It was the first LEED Silver certified apartment in its area, promoting energy savings, reduced emissions, improved indoor air quality, water efficiency, and reduced environmental impact. Solar panels on rooftops offer a renewable energy source and privileged parking is offered for fuel-efficient vehicles in order to encourage the use of low emitting automobiles. Furthermore, The Dinerstein Companies collaborates with The Millennium in order to provide residents with numerous resources and education for sustainable apartment maintenance.


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