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Jul 08

Extreme Couponing the Eco Friendly Way


If there was a color to attribute to this decade it most certainly would be Green. The ‘green’ movement has swept a large portion of the industrial world by storm, and more and more both corporations and individuals are making strides to do what they can to keep our planet healthy. To those of us who want to go above and beyond it’s important to remember that almost every aspect of our daily lives can be maximized for green efficiency, and even being thrifty is no exception.

As a consumerist culture, our reliance on coupons as both smart shopping and business advertisement is essential. But all those coupons? They add up in environmental impact. Think of all those newspaper and magazine space set aside for your scissors to come along and have a clip. It adds up to a pot of paper. In 2009 alone 367 billion printed coupons were utilized by the market going public. And those are just the used one! If you add in all the ones that are thrown out and discarded without being recycled that number should easily be multiple times as high in terms of eco-impact. That’s a lot of trees cut down in excess.

There are other options, however. Many new internet ventures are coming up with solutions. Some of the newest coupon based initiatives don’t require any printing at all. Most online coupons work the same way as standard clipped coupons, but without the need to wasted paper and ink. Coupon codes are employed instead, cutting out the old tangible coupons in favor of space friendly and easily sortable series of alpha-numeric characters.

Websites like Groupon are heading that charge. Groupon doesn’t work like conventional coupons. As opposed to them being advertisements based on corporate specifications, Groupon crowd sources its deals, and instead, essentially, buys bulk group packages which it then distributes amongst the members of Groupon who would be interested in the event. It also allows users to simply keep track of a coupon code that will allow them access to great deals at these designated local events without any paper being involved, unless you want to write the code on the back of an old envelope, like I always wind up doing.

In addition to this, the decreased price of purchasing advertising space, from a corporate perspective, means that potentially lesser over-head to the company can be transformed into higher discounts of electronic coupons. And it’s all adding up, too. A surge of online coupon use has increased the activations of these codes by 92% in the past year alone, a number that will surely see a steady rise in the next few years as online coupon codes come more into fashion.

Most websites also offer the ability to print out a digital coupon to use the same as a paper one, for those of us not ready to make the full switch. This will function exactly the same as regular coupons, but at the increased green factor of only having printed the exact coupons you need with no waste.

All in all it’s going to be the little things that make a big difference, and every small step like this is a step in the right direction.

Carol Montrose writes for BluWiki where you can find Vermont Country Store Coupons and Gerber Baby Food Coupons.


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