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Jul 11

Efficient Washing Machine Buying Guide

How much energy and water is your washing machine consuming every time you use it? If you are not using an efficient washing machine, it could be gobbling up your energy and water resources. In this day and age, you can’t afford to have an inefficient washer at home.

Buying a washer with an above par efficiency should be at the top of your list. But you have to remember that not all washers out in the market really have efficiency to bring to the table. They do have a lot of awesome and spiffy features but if they break down quickly, you will still be left with an inefficient and useless washer.

But don’t worry because there are ways for you to determine an efficient washing machine that is right for your needs. Here are the things you have to remember when buying:

1. Size is a crucial factor to consider.

The size will determine how efficiently you can wash your clothes. If you have a big family with large clothes washing needs, you will need an equally large washer that will take care of your laundry chore in one washing cycle only. In the same way, if you have a small family with a fairly small clothes washing need, don’t be too excited in buying a large washer. Stick with the small to mid-size washers as they are just right for your needs. Larger washers tend to consume more energy and water. You wouldn’t want to run a full laundry cycle in those washers.

Consider how much clothes you are washing every week. Find out which washer has the corresponding drum capacity that can accommodate your clothes. There is no harm in using washers with a medium-size capacity. You might have to run a second washing cycle if you have to. But make sure you also check the over-all footprint. Some washers with big capacity still have a small footprint that can easily fit in small laundry room spaces.

2. Compare efficiency.

Check the yellow energy guide sticker found at the back of the washer and use that to compare it with other washer models. Front loaders are usually more efficient than top loaders. However, there are now top loaders equipped with energy and water-saving features. You might want to check those out so you can make better comparison.

3. Make sure it can be easily repaired and maintained.

Washers tend to lose most of their efficiency as they get older. But with proper maintenance, you can keep it working like new for a longer period of time. On the other hand, some washers are more difficult to maintain than others. Make sure you get a washer that is a cinch to maintain. Self-cleaning features should help a lot.

4. Know more about the warranty of the washer.

The warranty also speaks a lot about its reliability. More often than not, washers are given about a year of warranty. Some washers are given longer warranties because of their advanced motor features. Find out what is included in the warranty so you can decide if you need to buy the extended warranty.

5. Choose a washer with the right features.

Not all the advanced features in the washer are useful. Some of them might only add up to the price. Also, they can be prone to damages. Make sure you look for a washer with the features you need. The simpler the washer, the more efficiently you can wash.

Choose those with features that can help you clean your clothes better without using a lot of water. Also look for a washer that can finish the washing cycle quickly.

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