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Jul 12

Sustainable Shipping Services

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It’s no secret that the world’s population is currently consuming the earth’s resources at a much faster rate than Mother Nature can replenish them. It’s also no secret that the only way in which this can be prevented is by people taking the personal responsibility to subscribe to environmentally conscious living habits. We need to be willing to modify our own lives, which includes looking for new ways to curb resource consumption whenever possible.

For instance, when looking to make a move to a new home or office, it’s important that you plan out the process to ensure that you are using no more resources than need be used. Consider things such as using recycled boxes and packing all boxes as efficiently as possible in order reduce the number needed. Another thing to think about is how you plan on getting your vehicle to your new destination.

Now if you’re just going 30 minutes down the road, it would probably be most efficient for you to drive the vehicle there yourself. However, if you’re trying to get your vehicle from New York to California, that’s a completely different story. When looking at a trip such as that, it definitely makes sense to use an auto transport company rather than making the drive yourself.

The reason I feel auto transport is the smartest way to move your vehicle in this situation is because it allows one truck to carry up to ten cars at once to various locations across the U.S. So rather than ten cars filling up their tanks and draining them over and over again on the open road to California, you’re consolidating and reducing the amount of fuel consumption to nearly one tenth by allowing one truck to transport all the vehicles.

You can also further your own green efforts by making sure that any company you choose for your auto transport, motorcycle shipping or household move is as concerned about resource preservation as you are. Some auto transport companies have dedicated themselves to reducing their own resource consumption in any way possible. You should look for a company who has modified all of their shipping practices to ensure that they are only using the energy that is necessary to make their shipments happen. Do the research to find out what green methods are being utilized by any companies that you are considering for your auto transport.

Ask the company what exactly they’re doing to retrofit their shipping fleet. Some of the most common ways of green retrofitting include idle reduction, which involves installing a system that provides automated engine ignition and shut down depending on certain conditions. This greatly reduces fuel consumption by saving the gas that is usually used when the engine is not needed, which won’t only be good for the environment but can also reduce your car shipping rates.

Another common way that shipping companies are able to cut back on their fuel consumption is by utilizing the latest aerodynamic technologies. These innovations are geared towards reducing the turbulence and aerodynamic resistance that comes from air pressure caused by a moving vehicle. Other forms of retrofitting include diesel oxidation catalysts, engine pre-heaters, emission reduction and closed crankcase ventilation filters.

Also, be sure to check out the EPA group, SmartWay Transport, which is a great resource for locating green-thinking auto transport companies. Their website provides a list of SmartWay’s partner companies who are all adhering to environmentally friendly business practices and are on board with SmartWay’s green initiatives.


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