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Jul 12

Working From Home More Eco-Friendly Than a Cubicle

work from homeLike many others I worked in a cubicle in a large building for years. I now work from home. I often work from home as well as manage other fun ventures such as this blog. Not only am I happier working from home, but I also am more Green.

I quickly realized how much more green working from home is compared to my office life in that cubicle. Just about all of my supplies now are used: pencils, pens, note pads, pens, copy paper, highlighters, books, manuals and folders. I use much less paper and electricity. My carbon footprint is much smaller than it was in an office building.

In an office you have little to no control over the energy efficiency, the equipment and the paper used. If you work from home you control when items are powered on and what paper is used and when. Believe me that I only have things powered on only when I need them to be. I also only use Energy Star equipment from my computer to my printer.

Another huge advantage of working from home is I rarely drive. Gassing up at the pump only once a month is a cool thing. How many people can say that?

Working from home also gives me more opportunites for being outside in peak hours of the day. I can enjoy the outdoors while watering the plants or just walking. I know that is healthier than “taking a break” at the office.

Many more people are working from home these days and hopefully they are taking advantage of their more eco-friendly opportunities.


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