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Jul 14

Low carbon living: How will you shrink your carbon footprints?

carbon footprintHave you ever thought of keeping a track of your carbon footprints? If no, then here are some easy ways at your disposal. But before that it is important to know that what are carbon footprints and do they really make a difference in preventing environmental changes to any extent? Carbon foot print is basically the measure of your carbon emissions that adds up to the carbon dioxide levels in the environment. Intentionally or unintentionally our routine life schedule comprises of activities that affects the atmospheric conditions. Be it the car you are driving or the light bulbs you have installed at your home, everything has a considerable impact on the climate. These footprints let you know about your carbon contribution based on the energy use. Thereby keeping a check on the emissions you can cut down the green house gas effects and live a lower carbon life style. You don’t have to bring any drastic changes in your daily life. Some small modifications here and there and you will yourself witness your carbon emissions narrowing down.

So let’s start with the ways which’ll be instrumental in shrinking your carbon footprints:

  1. Start from the home
    Your house is the first place to start with your mission. Be efficient and smart while choosing the electrical appliances. If you are using light bulbs then replace them with energy-efficient bulbs immediately. You might be not aware but this can bring down your electricity bill to 12%. So in a way energy conservation is cost efficient and pocket-friendly too. Don’t leave VCR’s and stereos plugged in even if they are turned off and spend less time in shower. Monitor the weather of your home and it will approximately save you hundred of dollars and 1’000 pounds of C02. For this purpose a good insulation and a thermostat to regulate the temperature are good options. Moreover, the energy cost can still be lowered with those especially designed double pained windows which in return make your home comfy.
  2. Check your car
    Transportation counts more than one third of the carbon emission these days. So your personal choice of transportation can play a significant role in safeguarding the environment. Take a walk or ride a bicycle whenever possible. Apart from fuel conservation it will help you in staying fit. But if you don’t want to give up the pleasure of driving your own then go for the fuel-efficient cars. Nothing better than if you can afford a hybrid car as it can save up to 16,000 pounds of co2 and $3,750 pounds every year. It would be wiser if you can shop at stores closer to your home. Public transport and car pools are some other efficient measures to minimize the wastage of energy.
  3. Other transportation
    Air travel contributes 3.5% of the total global warming. So be smart and go online to search for the best suggestions on the most suitable means to travel. When gong for the air fly choose the shortest trip as the landing and taking off consumes a lot more fuel. So go directly if possible rather than stopping over unnecessarily.
  4. Be wise while buying
    Every product today comes with an inclusion of the cost associated with transport and electricity consumed while manufacturing and packing. So buy things from local farmers’ mark as it will save the transportation cost spent on them to be delivered to the market. Don’t forget to reuse those canvas shopping bags while going for shopping.
  5. The New techs
    There are many websites that offer carbon calculators which roughly quantifies the carbon dioxide gas that you are adding to the atmosphere.


Majority of the people don’t realize that they can save a lot of money by going green. Since the time I have inculcated the habit of switching things/appliances off when not on use I have experienced the amount of cash control, which further has made a big difference in my life.

About the author: Amanda Kidd is a writer and blogger who is passionate about travelling and she plans to go on a journey on eco friendly vehicles. It’s her love towards green living that leads her an eco friendly life.


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  1. Recycled laser toner cartridges

    I buy green products even if they are more expensive to their non green counterparts. The feeling of helping the environment is simply great.

  2. Solar System

    I’ve just heard that one of the Spas in NY is using solar power to reduce carbon footprint. With this simple step, you’ll not only help the planet but will also save you money.

  3. Garry Winder

    Great tip about unplugging devices at the end of the day. I always thought that when I turned the device off, that was that, and no more electricity was being used. Duhh! Now I unplug everything. It is a bit of extra work, but it does save money and energy.

  4. For my situation personally

    For my situation personally, solar technology is most definitely the way to go! One can find numerous various kinds of methods out there that the majority of people really do not even know they could be applying and it is so helpful when you take the effort to help inform folks.

  5. Rebecca Gaertner

    This is a very worthwhile post-thank you

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