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Jul 20

Guest Post: Ways to go back to school the green and eco friendly way using this Naked Binder school supply list

Naked Binder binders

With summer half way over, it’s nearly that time to start thinking about getting ready to go back to school. Besides new clothes, most of the back to school mayhem revolves around school supplies. Ah, the scent of pencils a.k.a. freshly cut down trees, PVC plastic pencil boxes, and petroleum based crayons. Can you smell it now?

With more unhealthy choices than ever, let us shed light on some super healthy, eco-friendly alternatives that come together to make a healthier you, a healthier Earth and healthier air to breath. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a child in your life, look at these companies to provide you some well needed solace in the crazy world of school supplies.

Go here to download the full list of eco-friendly school supplies.

Rating Key:
super big thumbs up—the best
big thumbs up—still great, but could be a tid better
thumbs up—a good alternative, better than the standard

What you will need:

100% recycled 600 D polyester
Rating: Although it’s a ‘poly’ and generally we should try to move away from plastic, it gets a thumbs up because it is 100% recycled.

3 Ring Binders
Naked Binder 100% recycled and recyclable, 100% post-consumer waste, FSC certified, made in USA
Rating: A super big thumbs up for being made from 100% post consumer waste and easily 100% recyclable, as well as the company’s environmental and community commitment.

Naked Binder
100% recycled and recyclable, 97% post-consumer waste, FSC certified, made in USA
Rating: With a super big thumbs up, Naked Binder wins again– eco-friendly folders that are easily customizable with a creative thought and the prefect pen, crayon or marker.

Lined Notebook Paper
GreenLine Paper Company
100% recycled, 100% post-consumer waste
Rating: A super big thumbs up for this post-consumer recycled paper that can obviously we recycled after use.

Made from recycled newspaper
Rating: These pencils are made from recycled newspapers to preserve our forests and get a super big thumbs up for sustainability. Get recycled colored pencils here too!

Stockmar Wax Crayons
Made from Beeswax, non-toxic
Rating: Although little pricy, these crayons get a big thumbs up for being non-toxic, non petroleum based and made by a company focused on the health of humans and the environment.

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