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Aug 02

A Site to Find, Compare, and Decide on The Greenest of The Green

Find the Best logoCompanies across the world are claiming to be green, but are they really? How do we differentiate those who are dedicated from those that have the marketing budget? Unfortunately, the environment can’t afford to be duped by companies claiming to be green. In order to distinguish the jems from the duds FindTheBest has developed comparisons that strip away any green marketing hype and present you with the cold hard data, so you can make quick informed decisions free of gimmicks.

Lets take a look at their clean & fuel efficient cars comparison as it is a great example of FindTheBest’s commitment to informing the consumer. Today their are plenty of auto manufactures developing fuel efficient cars, but you may need a little more than just a car with the highest full efficiency i.e. the Nissan Leaf at 99 combined mpg. The comparison accommodates both your wants- an environmental friendly car- and needs- an SUV to carry the five kids- in the way that please both the earth and you! In order capture this intersection use the vehicle class filter on the left and select “SUV” within a fraction of a second you are met with the top Green Vehicle Rated SUVs on the market. FindTheBest’s Green Vehicle Rating is a weighted average of the Air Pollution Score and the Greenhouse Gas Score both of which are displayed in each listing. Compare the top green rated SUVs and decide on a vehicle that meets your needs based on the stats instead of the marketing.

This only one of the many green comparisons FindTheBest offers, so make sure to check out their other green comparisons, such as green all- in- one printer companies, green restaurants, and more.

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Post provided by Kyle Espinola of FindTheBest, a site creating a central hub where you can find the best of anything from credit cards to car insurance.

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