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Aug 16

How to remove moss and algae off the roof?

Always keep your roof clear of moss, roof debris and unwanted plant life, as all these things shorten the life of the roof. Frequent cleaning of the roof helps in protecting the shingles from deteriorating. Pressure washing can save your shingles from damage, if done carefully. If the pressure of water is more than required, it may also damage the shingles.

If you can spot small or large patches of black or fiberglass mesh, your roof is on the verge of getting ruined. It is advisable to hire a cleaning company to take care of the cleaning of your roof. Usually, a regular garden hose and a scrub brush can be used to clean the dirt off your roof. There are a lot of important things that you ought to know about giving a new face lift to your roof.

Remove algae off roof shingles

The black marks or streaks on the roof are not a sign of damage or deteriorating shingles, but that of algae growth on it. Usually algae develop in the area of the roof, which is mostly covered in shade. The situations gets worse in the areas where it rains frequently. After getting mixed up with rain water, algae trickles down the roof and leaves black streaks on roof tops as well as on the walls, which gives your home an awful look.

How to use pressure washing for roof cleaning

Pressure washing is the most frequently used techniques to get rid of algae and black streaks. Though almost all shingle manufactures prohibit the use of a pressure washing on the shingles, as it may destroy them. They recommend that a professional roof cleaner should be hired for roof cleaning. You may end up destroying the shingles on the roof top by trying to blast the algae off the shingles. Replacing the whole roof top would cost you more than hiring a cleaning company.

Use a scraper

First apply a moss and algae killing chemical by sprayer onto the roof and leave it for ten minutes. After that gently remove the moss, with the help of a scraper. This is a safe way to eliminate algae and fungi from the roof, as it will not destroy shingles. The chemical will kill the growth of moss and lichen.

After the moss is removed

After the removal of the moss, make sure to apply a copper roof strip along the ridge line, as the metal will release such a residue which is not conducive to the growth of moss again. The copper strip will release a residue only when it comes in contact with rain water.

This is a great way to ensure that the roof will be free of any such growth for a long period of time. A moss-covered roof gives a shabby look to your house. Roof cleaning task can be dangerous if you are not equipped with the right kind of tools and techniques, so it is better to hire the cleaning services London.


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