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Aug 17

Environment Lover? Turn to Environmental Studies

LearnhubOzone layer depletion, global warming, ocean depopulation, deforestation are just a few of the environmental problems being faced by countries worldwide today. Increasing environmental challenges will take not just a long time but also a huge effort from mankind. While we have a number of passionate individuals working towards solving these problems, there is a growing need of qualified professionals with recognized degree in environment studies.

The awareness level for environmentally oriented jobs is quite low, especially in the developing countries. Some of the popular programs that a handful of students have been are:

  • B. Tech in Environmental Engineering
  • M. Tech in Environmental Engineering
  • Bachelor’s in Environmental Science
  • Master’s in Environmental Science
  • Doctorate in Environmental Science

Besides the above mentioned programs there are diploma programs available at graduate and post graduate levels that can fetch decent jobs to environment enthusiasts.

One of the biggest concerns, that stops students with a keen interest in environment from pursuing a related career, is the kind of jobs that are available in the market and corresponding salaries. The article further elaborates on the kind of jobs available to environmental engineering and sciences graduates.

Work Profiles Available to Environmental Graduates

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a 25% increase in jobs in environmental science within the next decade. Not just that the job opportunities are ample, there is a diverse range of careers available as per one’s interest and aptitude. But for a stable and rewarding career, a graduate degree is not enough. One requires a post graduate degree/diploma or better, even a Ph.D. A Ph.D in management after a master’s degree is a great way to go for those who wish to work with the top brands around the globe.

Some of the popular profiles that an environmental scientist can work in are:

  • Environmental Engineer/ Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Soil Scientist
  • Hydrologist
  • Conservation Scientist
  • Waste Treatment Specialist
  • Land Use Planner
  • Environmental Research Scientist
  • City/Town Planner
  • Geologist
  • Biologist

Above mentioned are just a few of the profiles that one can look at after a post graduate or a doctorate degree in environmental sciences. One can start working right after graduation as well, but usually the salary packages are quite low for graduates. Top brands are recruiting environment graduates and at handsome salaries, for that matter. To quote average numbers, a fresher with an MS degree from any of the good environment & natural resources colleges in United States can start with $43, 3000. The figure is expected to touch the $75,000-$80, 000 mark in his mid career. However, the average salary figures are not enough to throw light on salaries associated with different profiles. The field of work, nature and location of job and brand play an important role in deciding the salaries.

Candidates interested in contributing to the preservation and conservation of our environment by acquiring the right kind of knowledge and skills to do so, must take up environmental programs. For survival of the mankind, the planet requires its people to save it; starting right now!


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