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Aug 18

Guest Post: Why get solar panels installed?

Anyone interested in the news and current events will know that our rapidly depleting energy resources have become a real cause for concern in the last decade.

Commentators have been battling it out for a while with regards to the actual facts and figures, but oil will run out in the next fifty years. This means we need to be ready to let go of oil before it becomes mandatory that we do so.

This is why investing in solar power has never been so important.

Why invest in solar PV?

For a start, you’ll contribute to the conservation of our environment. Burning fossil fuels for energy releases CO2 into the air, this is said to make the climate of the earth rise.

Another way you’ll help the earth is by reducing demand for the tiny supply of oil we have left. This takes the power away from oil producing countries and puts it squarely in your hands.

The government is due to cut the rates for the Feed-In Tariff Scheme with effect from the 31st March 2012. This means that if you install solar PV now, the government will honour the current generous rates and you won’t be affected by the cuts.

One of the PV installers you should consider should be The Energy Conservation Group.

Who is the Energy Conservation Group?

The Energy Conservation Group is an installer of excellent solar PV systems; they work hard to ensure their installations are of the highest quality and that their customer service is superb. This shows in the thousands of happy customers they have all over the UK.

Why not contact The Energy Conservation Group for a quote by going to and seeing what they can offer you.


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