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Aug 22

Greening the Landscaping Business

When it comes to landscaping the question of whether a business is able to go green often reflects the efforts companies would like to make in moving in that direction.

For example, one factor that can prevent a change to a more eco-friendly ethic might be the fact landscaping is a day job with little option to work at night.

With the ability to only work until the evening hours, contractors are pressured to finish jobs under time constraints meaning compromises on eco-friendliness are sure to occur by way of using motorized equipment that requires gasoline, diesel, or other sources of energy. Also, without such machines companies may have to employ additional workers which can be a tough sell.

Alternatively, environmental awareness is strong across the US but due to a lack of education on the matter much of the population still has a lot to learn about greener living both at home and on the job.

As a result there are plenty of landscaping services which have taken strides in this direction but many others still need a push.

The following are some considerations for how contractors can incorporate better environmental standards into their businesses and provide a healthier product throughout the great outdoors:

  • Using manual tools: One of the biggest pollutants in the landscaping/gardening world is gasoline powered machines such as lawn mowers and weed whackers. Although there are electric versions that don’t cause emissions they have their own separate issues, which generally revolve around safety and energy drainage. Whenever possible manual reel or push mowers should be used and other hand tools should be taken advantage of in place of their motorized cousins.
  • Discarding pesticides: Pesticides contain harmful chemicals that not only kill pests but the good bugs too. One way to prevent pests is to keep plants healthy so they don’t attract bugs in the first place. Also, many bugs don’t like the smell of herbs so planting things like rosemary, lavender, and mint around a yard is a big plus. Meanwhile, if a spray is necessary there are mixes that can be made using mild soaps, herbs and other natural substances that will be effective.
  • Xeriscaping: Xeriscaping is the art of low water low maintenance landscaping. While a proper xeriscape takes effort to achieve adopting many of the concepts that encompass the field into a traditional landscape can save homeowners money by creating a more efficient eco-system.
  • Recycle, reuse, and repurpose: When it comes to yard work the only things that should be trashed is real trash. Everything else including all organic matter can be made into compost, mulch, and with the use of the imagination a number of other things.
  • Products: Try to use products that uphold eco-friendly standards and publicize this as it can draw attention to clients and other businesses to follow your lead.


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Jakob Barry writes for He covers various eco-friendly home improvement topics including landscaping estimates and tree removal services.


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