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Sep 07

Guest Post: Roof Gardens: Benefits and Risks

The evolving concept of roof top gardening aesthetic is simply fabulous. Unlike in the past, where only landscape gardens were preferred, more and more people have started maintaining gardens on any elevated surface, like a rooftop, garage roof, a deck or a terrace.

But before even thinking to grow a rooftop garden, one must be well aware of the kind of roof that is suitable for a rooftop garden. As a matter of fact, any roof surface can be greened. But one has to install the electrical, water and gas lines to the roof, beforehand. As per a law recently passed in Switzerland all the new constructions must be designed to relocate the green space covered by the building’s footprint to their roofs. Even the Museum of London is being renovated as a green roof is being installed on the top of the building. All these things are indicative of the fact that we are all set to wage war against global warming.

Roof is a wasted space and raising the roof with a wonderful rooftop garden is the best idea ever to utilize this space in a productive way. The trend of rooftop and terrace gardening has evolved the concept of urban horticulture. These vegetated roof covers not only enhance the beauty of your building, but has developed to be a way to use vegetable crops. You might need the services of a Handyman to help you create a nicely manicured garden.


Benefits of a roof top garden

  1. Rooftop gardens create a view to be shared. They beautify your home inside out. It can be a good selling point for your home.
  2. A rooftop garden improves air quality and reduce CO2 emissions. It helps in insulating buildings.
  3. A rooftop garden makes you feel relaxed. You can always sit in the lap of mother nature, as it gives you the feeling of a life in a country-side.


Challenges to the roof top gardens

  1. An irrigation system must be installed on the roof top, or else it would become quite difficult for you to water your garden on a daily basis.
  2. Even plants which are resistant to drought and consume less water comparatively would need daily attention, as can fade away by the scorching heat of sun.
  3. If water stayed on the roof for longer duration for reasons like- drainage system gets clogged with sand, soil, or vegetation, it can break the membrane.
  4. It is a challenging task to protect your green friends from extreme temperatures and high winds that can easily destroy them.


Gardens are really worth an effort. But you must consult an engineer to know about the structural capacity of the roof that you are working on. Go green to save the planet earth.


The author has been in the home improvement industry for a while. Now, runs an independent Handyman Services in London. He has earned a recognition as a good Handyman in London.

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