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Sep 13

Product Review: Mountain Rose Herbs West Indies Rub & Grilling Herbs

I was given two items in Mountain Rose Herb’s Epicurean Organics seasonings collection to review. They gave me West Indies Rub and Grilling Herbs. I was anxious to try these two products and give a product review after learning about Mountain Rose Herbs.

Mountain Rose Herbs became the first U.S. supplier of Fair Trade Certified medicinal herbs. Since adopting a Zero Waste policy, they went from producing about 3,300 gallons of waste per month (a normal amount for a processor) to about 80-100 gallons per month which is about what most 4 person households generate. Mountain Rose Herbs is proud to have converted to 100% renewable energy by transferring its conventional electrical power usage to renewable energy sources, credits, and development. Mountain Rose Herbs has won many awards including Co-op America’s People’s Choice Award for Green Business of the Year, Provender Alliance’s “The Evolution in Motion Award, the “Bold Steps towards Sustainability Award” and the Oregon Ethics in Business Award.

West Indies Rub

One of the seasonings in their Epicurean Organics is the West Indies Rub. On their website, it states West Indies Rub is “an intoxicating and alluring blend which has been popularized by traditional Caribbean and Jamaican dishes, and is best in stir fry entrees, on fish, and as a seasoning base for gumbo. Will also enhance the flavor of traditional Thai dishes. Contains the following ingredients: Organic Garlic, organic Black Pepper, Sea Salt, organic Ginger, organic Fenugreek, organic Coriander, organic Mustard Seed, and organic spices.”

For me the West Indies Rub goes well with steak and in gumbo. The seasoning doesn’t overpower the meat. It has a light mustard taste and ginger. Along with pepper and garlic it is a great mix for whatever you out it on. I would recommend it to everyone.


Grilling Herbs

The other seasoning I was given was the Grilling Herbs. On their website, it is describes as “this blend packs a punch with its bold flavor and penetrating aroma which holds itself well against high heat and direct flame. Popularly used as an all purpose flavor enhancer for any item which you grill or barbeque where most seasoning will burn off or dissipate. Contains the following ingredients: Organic Garlic, organic Rosemary, organic Black Pepper, organic Thyme, and organic herbs.”

I think their Grilling Herbs give a pop to ordinary meat. It has the right blend of pepper, garlic and other spices to complement any meat you are grilling. I have tried it on beef and chicken with great success. I would also recommend this to everyone.


Mountain Rose Herbs offers one of the nation’s finest carpool and cycling programs which pays substantial cash incentives to all employees who either carpool or bicycle to work. Mountain Rose Herbs has one of the nation’s most aggressive executive cap limits that states the two executive owners shall not make more than 3.5 times the amount of the LOWEST paid entry level employee. Commercial fleet vehicles including cargo vans and industrial trucks run on reclaimed vegetable based bio-diesel. MRH allocates an average of $75,000.00 dollars each year for charitable giving, sponsorships, community functions, conservation work, and plant related projects.

I would suggest you try Mountain Rose Herb’s Epicurean Organics seasonings. Great products and they are organic. Tasty.


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