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Sep 15

Save Money and the Nature with Hybrid Cars

The latest development in the automobile industry, ‘Hybrid Cars’, are also known as the “Car of Future.” Car manufacturers and users, both always searched for options which can be economic, hybrid cars has brought some drops of relief to them. These cars depend upon the storage system of rechargeable energy. This rechargeable energy replaces the fossil fuels to powers the vehicle. There are many Hybrid cars available in the market and many manufacturers have announced to produce their versions.

Apart from the fuel economy, there are other advantages of buying and using a hybrid car. Some of them are listed below:

A. Tax breaks and incentives

Many states offers incentives, tax refunds and cash gifts to the users who buy the eco-friendly cars. For example, if you buy a Chevrolet Volt, Mitsubishi i, Ford Focus EV, Toyota RAV 4 EV and Tesla Roadster you can get up to $7500 Federal Tax Credit. Some other states offer different tax credits and incentives on different cars. For example, New Mexico has a partial sales exemption for buyers of Toyota Prius that is approx $500.

A tax credit is directly removed of total amount of federal tax owed, hence reducing, or eliminating the tax obligation of a person. The tax credit facility for hybrid cars applies to the vehicles purchased after January 1, 2006.

B. HOV Lanes

Many states have started a program that allows a hybrid car owner to apply for the permit of using High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane and High Occupancy Toll (HOT). Following the same program California gave 85, 000 clean Air Passes to three models of hybrid cars to drive on HOV and HOT with single occupant. Other states who are offering permits to the hybrid car owners include Virginia, Colorado and Arizona.

Not every hybrid car can qualify for HOV Lane stickers. If we talk about California, the car requires an AT PZEV emission rating and an EPA fuel economy of 45mg or better.

C. Free Parking

States like New Mexico and California are working on the possibilities to reward and applaud the hybrid car owners for decreasing the fuel consumption and leaving less carbon footprints. Apart from these states, many hotels and offices are also supporting the decision of driving an eco-friendly car by removing the parking charges and providing reserved parking spots near to entrances.

In New York, every person who drives a hybrid car receives a benefit under legislation proposed by Council Member Hiram Monserrate: free parking for one year. In Westminster, there is free parking and charging for the zero-emission vehicles. The Los Angeles city gives three years of free parking facility to the same.

Sacramento offers a free parking space to individuals who own or lease hybrid cars.


If you are planning to buy a hybrid car, then you will save the environment as well as your money. However, always check with your government for these facilities as they may change them without any notice. Keep checking their websites to know the forthcoming programs and benefits.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is an ardent follower of ecofriendly existence. She is big fan of hybrid cars and recently got very impressed with the concept of generating electricity from sound.

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