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Sep 20

How To Store Garden Furniture When Not in Use?

Relaxing on patio furniture lying in the backyard of your garden is a refreshing experience, but making arrangements of storing patio furniture is a tough task. Generally people love sitting on patio furniture during the fall, but when the temperature plummets, they need to store it for the winter. Harsh climatic conditions like extreme cold, fog, snow, hail and rain can ruin it for good.

If you want to keep your patio furniture in top shape, then you must put your garden furniture sets away in the garage or shed for the winter. If your garage is vulnerable to heavy rains you must store your cushions inside your home, rain may harm your garden furniture cushions. With average people spending more time as well as money on outdoor furniture, the need for its maintenance has also increased.

Though most of the patio furniture is constructed of waterproof materials these days, but you must take precautions to save it from things like dust, dirt, bird droppings etc. Some countries which has increased humidity levels, pollen can create a fine layer of greenish-yellow residue on patio furniture. If you live in a wet climate look for a range of furniture with a mold inhibitor.

Here are a few things that you need to take care before storing your patio furniture away for the winter.

Cleaning furniture well

Before storing the patio furniture away for winters use damp cloths to wipe it clean. You can use old towels for this purpose. Paint the scrapes, if you are able to see any. For small touch up works, spray paint is a good option.

Remove the cushions

Remove the pillows and cushions prior to storing patio furniture. Dip them in detergent and let them dry in sun. When they are completely dried, stuff the cushions and pillows in plastic bags, to keep them dust and mold free throughout the winters.

Buy patio furniture protective covers

Protective covers are available for covering patio furniture in different shapes and sizes. These covers are made of extra thick commercial grade vinyl and are totally waterproof. These protective set covers will save your furniture from weather and pollution for ages.

Make arrangements for storage

Wooden and metal furniture can be stored in an unheated garage, shed, or basement. Just make sure to store cushion covers and cushions separately in a bed so that they do not become dirty.

Just make sure the garden furniture is dry before you cover it. You can also store your patio furniture in a Storage unit in London, if you do not have a space in garage or basement of your home. Enjoy relaxing in your garden on a clean and long lasting patio furniture, every year.

About Author: David Anderson has been associated with storage and moving london from a long time. Presently with his vast experience, He is helping others in choosing the best service provider for them.


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