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Sep 23

Realize Your Responsibility to Environment: Go Green

The topic definitely does not need a formal introduction. It is obvious and an absolute essentiality that we understand our sheer responsibility towards the environment and start performing in the mass interest, not just of the human race, but also of the other life forms co-existing on our beautiful planet. It is truly high time that we became agile and alert to the changing atmospheric conditions, reason out the growing number of natural catastrophes and try to figure out as to what went so wrong that a series of mass destruction has triggered up.

The answer is not difficult to find out. Ever since the liquid gold was discovered, and man accidentally figured out the immense amount of energy bubbling deep inside the earth’s womb, we have vociferously started extracting out oil and exploiting the earth crust for oil reserves. We have ended up releasing the poisonous carbon which took millions of years to get trapped inside the earth, in a span of a few hundred years. I don’t think we need more explanation as to why should we go green.

Coming to the ways through which we can make a difference, they are many. For a population of billions finding shelter in the lap of industrialization, it should not be difficult to realize that small steps taken by individuals can collectively lead to results that would seemingly be encouraging. The basic fact that every action that we perform while we are awake utilizes and releases energy, advocates for the fact. A minute change in our ultramodern lifestyle and a switch to an organic life, can make a huge difference.

Make a beginning: Let’s start with the consumption of water. Considering the fact that every American home utilizes 10 bathtubs of water for their daily chores, would it not be a wise option to try and recycle some of the utilized water? In poorer countries, the mass populace faces a problem of acute water shortage. Why not then use it in a more economical manner so that even the deprived can have a bounty of the most precious gift of nature? It should not be forgotten that even water is not a renewable resource unless it is used with extreme care and justice. With the present rate of water utilization and wastage, the day is not far when most of the fresh water sources would be depleted and we would not have options left other than to desalinate sea water.

For the future: The second grave problem is our encroachment on future generation’s share of non-conventional energy sources. Well, we have more or less woken up to the cause and have started using renewable forms of energy like the Sun, wind, tides and geothermal energy. Other renewable energy forms are yet to be discovered and put to use, since we would have to accommodate our future generations in a planet that is worth living.

Saving fuel: Transportation is another aspect that causes untold harm to the environment. A more basic approach by preferring public transport to personal transport modes could help us get rid of the additional fuel exhaustion that is obvious in individually taking a vehicle. Moreover, it could save us a lot of cost as well. Taking a car pool to the office is another good idea of saving the ever-depleting fuel.

Green homes and green food are in magazines now. So there is no place for hesitation to tell that your lifestyle has become green. On the contrary, it would be appreciated and praised in public. The best benefit, if you are the green pioneer in your group, trust me, and would be the first round of applause reserved for you. So, happy going green.


About the author:

Alia Haley is a blogger who is an ardent follower of environment friendly existence. She is passionate about using eco friendly accessories and her wardrobe is filled with organic clothes.

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