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Sep 26

3 Eco-Halloween Costume Alternatives

Halloween is just around the corner. That said, it’s about time you start getting your children geared up with a proper costume. But buying a pricey “new” Halloween outfit at your local custom shop is not the most eco-friendly approach. Instead, check out these 3 simple ways you can get your child a fabulous Halloween costume and help sustain the planet all while easing up on your purse strings this season.

Neighborhood Costume Swap. While yes your child could always reuse one of his or her old costumes, the truth of the matter is your child will most likely object to this idea—they want to be something new and fun. Going as Spiderman two years in a row just doesn’t have the same effect. But just because your child doesn’t want to be Spiderman again doesn’t mean that another kid in the neighbor wouldn’t love to go as Spidey. Organizing costume swap parties is an excellent way to liven up old costumes by mixing and matching pieces or getting your hands on an entirely different costume (the best part is that the costume is completely free). All you need to do is send out an invitation to your neighbors and request that you all meet up on a specific date and time to collectively scour through slightly used costumes and accessories. Granted this idea will work best if other children in the neighbor are roughly around the same age and size as your child. But like stated before, you can use small pieces are create something new with it.

Thrift Shop Hunting. If the idea of a swap party seems unlikely, then go to your local resale or thrift shop to find inspiration for a great costume. Not only do most stores sell real, quality Halloween costumes for a fraction of the original price, but you can also help create your child’s own unique costume using articles of clothing that you find at the store. For example, most resale shops are filled with old “fluffy” dresses—your daughter can add a ribbon sash and a crown to go as a princess or beauty pageant contestant. Resale shops are also usually stocked with plaid or denim shirts—your son or daughter can go as a 70s disco star or a cowboy; just add some funky sunglasses or a cowboy hat. The possibilities are virtually endless. You just need to get really creative.

Innovative Treat Bags. You can even save money and be eco-friendly when it comes to your child’s trick or treat bags. Instead of buying plastic pumpkin heads or festive plastic bags, use old pillow cases or ice cream gallon jugs. Decorate them with fabric, beads and glitter of course to make them extra special. The best part is that your child can use them year after year. You can also choose a study paper bag as an alternative; just make sure that once it breaks/ruins you recycle it.


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