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Sep 27

A Match Made on Mother Earth: Dating Ideas for the Green of Mind

green earth

Whether you are a green single in search of an eco-aware counterpart or are currently in a relationship with a fellow tree hugger, there are plenty of dating activities out there that are more environmentally friendly than your typical dinner and a movie. With these helpful tips and ideas, green-dating not only becomes easier, but it becomes fun for you, your date and the planet!

Get a date. So you’re an environmentally savvy single whose last date was ruined the second they pulled into your driveway in an SUV the size of Texas. The good news is you can avoid said dating disasters with the help of several online dating sites that cater specifically to green-minded singles such as yourself. It’s now easy to find someone whose ideas on living and loving in a green fashion coincide with your own beliefs…all from the comfort of your own home.

Throw out the keys. If you’re not riding green in a Prius, opt for another form of transportation for you and your date. Taking the city bus has a definite cool factor when you consider its impact on the reduction of lethal fumes such as ozone layer-ravaging carbon monoxide. If your destination is within walking distance, reduce your carbon footprint by actually traveling by foot. Or what could be more romantic…bicycle made for two, anyone?

Don’t fail with flowers. If you plan on making your date swoon like Scarlett O’Hara straight out of a scene from Gone with the Wind, nothing is less swoon-worthy than store bought, cut flowers drenched in pesticides with a mere life expectancy of 9 days max. An untraditional potted plant makes for a perfect token of affection…or you can buy the locally grown and pesticide-free roses she loves from your neighborhood farmer’s market (a dozen, red, long-stem, thank you very much).

Volunteer! Sign up with a local organization to lend some helping hands on a community project or donate your time at the neighborhood animal shelter. This provides an experience to come together, communicate and work to achieve a goal, all while learning about the other person’s interests, values and initiative…and not to mention making the world a better place!

Find great romance in the great outdoors. For all of you nature lovers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying a date and immersing yourself in the wonder that is our majestic mother earth. Plan a picnic complete with organic treats and reusable goods to enjoy your natural surroundings while basking in each other’s company. Revel in some beautiful scenery and even get a little exercise by going on a nature hike or taking your bikes on a trail ride. If you’re really the adventurous types and have emotionally recovered from watching 127 Hours, you can enhance your teambuilding skills by going on a rock-climbing adventure.

Send a love letter. Are you a hopeless romantic with a poetic flair for penning words that would put even the most tear-jerking Nicolas Sparks novel to shame? Well, with a number of eco-conscious card companies to choose from these days, you can now feel even better saying “I love you (and the earth!)” on recycled paper and cards.

Grow your love in a garden. What better way to show that you dig someone than by planting a garden with them? With the convenience of growing produce in your backyard comes another benefit of avoiding horrifying pesticides (and an exorbitant bill at Whole Foods). Further more, adding vegetation to the earth not only expels valuable carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but it also enables you to bond with your partner and will help cue you in to their tender, nurturing side.

Date night in. You couldn’t get reservations at the most popular certified green restaurant in town? Not to fret. Sometimes nothing can be more romantic than sharing a quiet evening at home with the one you love. Prepare your own dinner (made fresh with ingredients hailing from your new garden!), pop open a bottle of organic wine, and cut back on energy by cutting the lights and enjoying a blissful evening together by candlelight.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We all know the importance of recycling plastic, paper and other products. Well why stop there? If you should find yourself at an unfortunate point where the person you have been dating has proven to be no longer dateable, don’t waste any more time and toss them to the recycling bin. They may not have been the missing piece to your green puzzle, but they very well could be the perfect fit for someone else! And as for you…on to the next!

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