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Oct 10

Environmentally Conscious Celebrities

These days it is hard to name a celebrity who isn’t involved in some kind of charity or cause. It is great to see so many people using their influential name for good. Many of these celebs are choosing environmental causes to be their charity of choice, and even changing their lifestyles to become more green living themselves.

They are mostly involved in high scale charities and events, but even the smaller efforts all add up and help. Such as the green bags that are now being used at awards shows to hand out goodies to attending and presenting celebrities. Something as simple as this generates a lot of PR and the bags are seen by a lot of fans of these celebrities, who are therefore encouraged to begin using green bags themselves.

Many celebrities will lend their name to organizations in order to help spread the word of being environmentally conscious, however there are a few who also practice what they preach and truly live a green life themselves. Here are just a few as an example:

Cate Blanchett
Australian actress Cate Blanchett has a home in Sydney that is fully powered by solar energy. She also has plans to put solar panels and a rainwater collection system into the Sydney Theatre Company to make it completely eco-friendly.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio would have to be one of the most well-known and therefore influential names in Hollywood, and he is using his name for the greater good of the environment. He reaches the masses directly to spread word about his causes by writing and maintaining a blog based on environmental issues and green living. He even wrote, narrated and co-produced a documentary called The 11th Hour on the state of the natural environment and what we are doing to destroy it.

Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah is well known for her green living and dedication to many different causes. In 2006, she protested in support of urban farming by sitting in a tree for 23-days. She ended up being arrested and it would not be her last time. In 2009 she was arrested while protesting mountaintop removal and more recently, in August 2011 she was arrested again for protesting the planned Keystone XL pipeline that will run from Canada to the US Gulf Coast.

Edward Norton
Being green is part and parcel of Edward Norton’s upbringing. Not only is his father a director of a Nature Conservancy project in China and an attorney for the National Trust for Historic Preservation, his grandparents helped create the nonprofit Enterprise Foundation, which is dedicated to affordable green housing. Ed Norton himself has partnered with BP’s Solar Neighbors Program, which helps to put solar panels on the houses of low-income families in Los Angeles. He also supports other organisations such as Earthjustice.

Other celebrities get on board by helping design products for organisations to sell, simply by putting their name on these products.

Jennie Garth from Beverley Hills 90210 has used her fame to design her own green bag. This helps to encourage people to buy these to use as shopping bags in place of the regular plastic bags that don’t break down and are bad for the environment.

Natalie Portman, among other eco-friendly projects, designs vegan clothes and footwear that are made from non-animal materials.

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