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Oct 10

How to Save Money and the Environment While Driving


Gas is one of the biggest problems in the world when it comes to the ozone layer. Every day, people let off more emissions, which causes more CO2 to be placed in the air. There are also a number of other harmful substances in the emissions which affect the world and the health of the people around.

Whether you have a petrol car or a diesel powered one, you will be doing some harm to the ozone layer. Because of that, you need to change your driving style. Not only will making these changes help towards a greener world, they will also help you save money.

First thing – you don’t need to spend thousands on a new car. Whether you have a small hybrid already or a large “gas guzzler” you can protect the environment with it. In fact, you can save up to 10 percent of your fuel by using these tips. However, if you are looking to buy a new car then shop around and be wise in your choices.

It is easy to start ignoring the fact that your car has not had a service in the past three or four years. These are not compulsory – unlike the MOTs – but they are necessary. A service will check items that a MOT will not, such as your cylinders. Regular services mean less fuel is used throughout the lifetime of the car – saving you thousands and the world even more.

You have probably already heard this but driving around with the tires inflated correctly will help you save money and will help you use less fuel. This, in turn, helps the planet. When the tires are inflated correctly, your car will not have to do as much work for the drive. It does not cost a lot to top the air up – some petrol stations will allow you to do it for free – so take the time out of your day, especially for long trips.

The worst thing is using up gas because you are lost. By planning your journey, you will limit the amount that you drive around looking for something. Of course, the directions can so wrong, so have a map and an A to Z in the car to help you find where you want to go. And do not be afraid to ask for directions!

Only use the car when you need it. It sounds simple but there are many who will opt to take a trip down to the shops when they could walk there. If you use your car regularly for work, consider switching to public transport or car share – this will cut the cost down and cut the amount of emissions and CO2 being put into the air.

Stop using the air-con, especially on a slower route. Having your air-con on will just lead to more electricity being used. This leads to more power needed from the battery and then your engine has to do more work to recharge it – just think about how much fuel you are using. It is just as simple to have your windows down. However, when driving over 50mph, you will be causing drag on the car, which also leads to more work. When driving on the motorway, the windows open will cause just as much fuel being lost as using the air-con.

These are just a handful of ways to save fuel, to protect the environment and your pocket. There are plenty of other ways that you can do this so look out for them. The more you do, the better of you and the world will be.


  1. someone

    This blog has been written by a moron and the two comments above are clearly written by the same person!

  2. mike

    Wow, ‘someone’ really needs to chill out. Maybe he is one of the people that has too much gas and is destroying the ozone layer!!

  3. EnergySage (@EnergySage)

    If you really want to save money and help the environment while driving, you’ve got to get an electric car and power it with a home solar power system!

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