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Oct 11

Green Vehicle Debate: Cars or Motorcycles?


The idea of driving a motor vehicle can be hard to swallow for anyone concerned about the state of the environment. Aside from the monetary cost of owning and operating such a machine, there is the cost to the planet to consider, with manufacturing processes that strip the Earth of resources and create pollution and waste, greenhouse gas emissions that are slowing eroding our atmosphere and leading to global warming, and hazardous waste materials that are dumped in landfills and left to seep into the soil and water supply. In short, mechanized locomotion is a blight on our planet. And yet, it is practically required in order to live and work in modern society. So when it comes to choosing a motorized form of transportation, you’re going to have to consider whether a car or a motorcycle is the best way to go. Here are a few options to consider.

  1. Motorcycles in general. Anyone looking for a greener way to get from here to there is going to lean towards motorcycles simply because they require less fuel to go the same distance as a car (thanks to smaller, lighter construction). There’s simply no denying that riding a motorcycle is more eco-friendly than driving a car, all things being equal. However, there are other options these days that make the playing field a little more even.
  2. Alternative fuel vehicles. Diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and other alternative fuel sources have made a splash in recent years and allowed for reduced emissions and more fuel-efficient vehicles on the road. Diesel, in particular, has cleaned up its act (it’s come a long way since the days of black clouds spewing from big rigs) and is widely available for purchase. Plus, you could nearly double your mileage on a tank by choosing this type of fuel. While other alternative fuels may be a bit harder to find, you’ll be glad to hear there are apps out there to help you overcome this problem.
  3. Hybrids. The newer plug-ins may be a bit more expensive (although there are federal and state incentives to help disburse the cost) but they still offer a lot of bang for your buck, most notably in the fact that you can fully charge the electric batteries. This means that you could go up to forty miles on a charge before you ever have to revert to fuel-powered locomotion. And if your company is forward-thinking enough to offer parking spaces equipped with charging stations, you can re-juice the engine before you head home.
  4. Electric cars. Of course, it really doesn’t get any better than zero emissions, which is what you’ll look forward to with a fully electric vehicle (also available with government rebates). You can get around town without creating any greenhouse gases and even the electricity required to power your car creates far less pollution and waste than petroleum fuel products.
  5. Electric motorcycles. Good news for those of you who are still keen to strap on some motorcycle boots, throw on a helmet, don leather jackets, and hit the road on two wheels; electric bikes are out there for your consumer pleasure. They still have the same problems as other bikes (storage, seating, and safety), but if you’re riding solo and you like a little adventure on the road, they take less time to charge (just over two hours, compared to 8-10 for a car) and they’ll carry you approximately 60 miles.


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