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Oct 12

MegExpressions: Upcycling Purses and More

upcycling pursesMegExpressions
I like discovering upcycled products. I found a great example with MegExpressions. The creations are handcrafted from recycled materials (purses, jeans, shirts, sheets). Each item is machine washable and one of a kind and are sold at art shows and various stores in the Portland, Oregon area. These purses and accessories are special in that they are handmade using original designs and they can make great practical gifts. Additionally, they are eco friendly as well!

The designs tend to be artistic and one of a kind, but also has a practical focus, with the organizational needs of busy women in mind. The products include several wallets, card holders, iPhone holders, plus large purses, many of which have several pockets and pen holders. You can see the many creations at the etsy shop and the website.


From the ‘about’ section of the website:

In 2000, I made my first quilt and immediately fell in love with textile design. Although the medium has evolved into purses, that quilt was the beginning of MegExpressions. I love blending repurposed colorful fabric and jeans, and creating purses and accessories that serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

Check out the designs and see what is being done in the world of upcycling. To see what customers have said about the purses, check out the MegExpressions testimonials page.

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  1. rampraka v

    I like this idea to recycle the ton and tons of waste
    Did It cost high or low

    I strongly recommend others to see this and purchase this

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