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Oct 17

Guest Post: Dealing With A Suddenly Green Pool – It Doesn’t Have To Take Days

Sometimes no matter how much you clean your pool and run your pool pump, you will find that it suddenly turns green. This can happen in a matter of hours, and especially if it has rained. It only takes for your chlorine levels to drop or you pH levels to be slightly out, and algae is free to grow like crazy. Rain and other items such as leaves falling into your swimming pool and UV light are producing all the ingredients for your pool to fully bloom. Here are some tips to dealing with it.

  • Variety of Chemicals Available. Once your pool has gone green, and as mentioned, this may only be a matter of hours, you need to take some other steps than your normal pool cleaning routine. Just chlorine alone will not do the job. You will need to add algaecide to kill the algae. There is actually a wide range of algae and wide range of chemicals to deal with different types. Make sure you are buying one that is multi purpose. There are also another ranges of chemicals that you can add after you add the algaecide to really shock your pool. This kind of activates the algaecide. There are also now two final chemicals that you can use, one that makes the dead algaecide sink to the bottom so that you can use a vacuum to clean it – and make sure you do this carefully or you will just stir it up. You might want to have your vacuumed water not returning into the pool unless you have special features or added other chemicals to your filtration system (see below). The other chemical that you can add, is one that makes the algae float to the surface and you can run your system so that it all gets sucked out. There are new products coming out all the time, and that is why it is best to speak to your specialist pool cleaner and get advice on the latest products and chemicals. Remember those chemical making companies are striving to make their products the best all the time, and so what was good a few years ago, is not necessarily the best now.
  • Pool Shocking. All the above, is known as the process of pool shocking. Never worry about over shocking your pool. You can only under-shock it. You want to kill all that algae in one hit. Any left alive and they will start multiplying again just as fast.
  • Filtration System. A standard filtration system will not deal with algae very well, because the algae is so fine, it can even slip through the finest of filters. Algae are microscopic organisms and their size is incredible small. You need a microscope to see them all swimming around making your pool green, or other dark colour (but definitely not blue). There are a number of systems that deal with this, such as adding super fine filters on the water entry point and in the system itself, or adding other chemicals that make the algae stick to the inside of your pump and filter systems.
  • All The Equipment You Need. Having everything there that you need so that you can deal with this easier is the best solution. Before you start dealing with the chemicals, you want to get all those leaves out. Once you can see inside the pool, you might also want at brush and pole. Even dead algae can cling to walls and ladders and the like.
  • Chlorine Tablets. Keeping chlorine tablets floating in a device in your pool is one way to defend against this happening. You still need to monitor your pH or the chlorine will have no effect. Another very effective way is to place chlorine tablets in your skimmer and this will keep your recycled water into the pool loaded with chlorine and mix it much more effectively.
  • Instant Gratification. During all of this process, you are only getting a clear pool, and you want that really blue pool that lights up everyone’s eyes, there is also another chemical for that. Talk to your professional.

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