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Oct 17

Top 5 Eco Friendly iPad Bags for Men

Some men love bags and when they’re out and about need something sexy to store their iPad in, but only eco friendly will do. If this is the case for you, then have a look at our top picks for the top five eco friendly iPad bags for men. Let us know below in the comment area which is your fave?

1. Colcasac iPad Sleeve – the team behind this brand is all about placing cool gadgets in stylish earth friendly materials. Such is the case with their Colcasac iPad bag made of durable hemp and organic cotton. This case is great for those who seek protection in a casual but handsome looking style.


eco friendly iPad bags

2. Bamboo iPad Case – you can’t possibly get more eco friendly than bamboo, can you? Here’s a lovely iPad case from Box Wave in cherry Bamboo that should razzle and dazzle any planet friendly fan. The case will hug the back and corners of your Apple tablet protecting it from the elements along with providing smooth clean look to anyone who comes into contact with your iPad.

3. Recycled Banner iPad Case – looking for something unique and different to stand out from the crowd? This should do the trick. It’s an iPad case made out of a recycled billboard banner material on the outside and recycled fleece for the interior, with a sexy unique design to boot. We found it online via Etsy for less than $30.

4. Canvas iPad Bag from Fossil- here’s a cool entry into the iPad bag market from Fossil. It’s a small hip bag that accommodates the iPad in a slip in and slip out style, made of canvas and features several outer and inner pockets for extra essentials such as a charger, dock, USB cable, etc. This is quite the handsome satchel made with the top notch quality craftsmanship you expect from Fossil.

5. PET iPad Sleeve – made for men on the go, the recycled plastic bottles iPad sleeve comes from and features a sleek cool looking design with some natural eco friendly attributes built in. Great gift iPad sleeve for an office mate.

Whatever your style and or eco inclination, the list above includes a little something for every man. Hope you like our top picks, but if we forgot to mention your favorite iPad brand of earth-friendly accessories, let us know below in the comment area.

Stay tuned as we profile more fun and eco friendly items of interest to men.

This guest article was written by Missy Diaz who works with various clients including an vision correction provider based in Australia.

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