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Oct 18

Guest Post: How to Get in Shape and Help the Environment

There are many different methods to get in shape, build muscle, and lose fat. Many of these methods, such as biking, running, and jogging, can also help the environment by reducing gas emissions from a conventional automobile. No matter how you choose to get in shape, you should always try to combine your methods with an activity that will help both yourself and the Earth.

Biking and running both require limited fitness equipment. Bicycles are incredibly cheap, although have suffered a slight price inflation due to the volume of people trying to save gas by biking to errands and to work. A used bicycle can be purchased for a minimal price, although you should always check out the bike before purchase to ensure its adequate operation. Brakes, wheels, or chains may need replacing when purchasing a used bike, but these parts are very cheap and easy to install. A bicycle is a great example of cheap fitness equipment that helps both you and the environment. The weight loss benefit from biking is also tremendous, and is an awesome way to get in shape, build muscle, and trim fat. Many people have experienced great weight loss success with biking, and have built impressive leg muscles while doing it, as well.

Jogging and running has many benefits that are similar to bicycling, including minimal required fitness equipment and the ability to lose a lot of weight. Running requires absolutely no equipment, unless you wish to use headbands or pedometers. These are examples of extremely cheap fitness equipment, and are available at a wide variety of stores. Jogging and running can help you trim an enormous amount of fat, and build large leg and calf muscles as well.

Whether you choose biking, running, or both, the choice will help the environment equally. When you choose an alternative method to transit to work or anywhere else you need to go, you use absolutely no gas. The burning of fossil fuel gas is the major contribution to worldwide pollution. If more people chose alternative methods to travel, such as biking or running, the atmosphere would be much less polluted and we would feel many less adverse effects of the polluted earth, such as suffering water quality and dwindling fresh water supply.

Methods to get in shape such as biking, running, and jogging both help you and the environment. These methods require little or no fitness equipment. If equipment is desired, it is usually cheap fitness equipment that is not mandatory. These methods to get in shape and help the environment are also a great source of weight loss and muscle gain. Whether you choose to bike or run, you will help to change the environment!

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