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Oct 20

Guest Post: What is Better, New or Used Office Furniture?

Here is a couple of situations to think about, number 1, you are a new business wanting to create the best impression to the public and to your members of staff so that their work ethic and determination will be high, number 2, you are an established business but you feel your office needs that little something extra but you don’t want to move office because you feel you are in a prime location and the office is a good size for your company.

One way of creating the effect you want is to get updated office furniture, but it isn’t that simple, there is new office furniture and there is used office furniture but which one do you choose? This article aims to give you both sides of the argument and ultimately give you the answers you want if you are in these situations.

We will start with new office furniture. There are obvious pull factors for new office furniture with that “brand new” feeling creating a clean, polished and no nonsense image about your company as the new furniture connotes the fact that the company is willing to spend money on its image ultimately meaning that the customer perceives the company to care and also cater to their specific needs. Also the new office furniture will create a buzz around the work place which will mean that moral in the work force will go up and rate of production in the work place will coherently rise.

On the other hand, new office furniture is considerably more expensive that second hand office furniture which may mean that the company is spending money on an area that it doesn’t necessarily need to spend money on which could lead to important areas of the company not being re-invested in causing a decline in the cash flow (obviously worst case scenario, but could happen if spend too much attention on the company image rather than core needs within the company).

Now for used office furniture. The main thing about used office furniture is the fact it is recycled and refurbished office furniture and this conveys a hugely important message to the potential customers, the fact that you are caring for the environment and also the fact you are keeping the economy spinning by trading with the small businesses and this could be the difference between an enquiry or not. Also the fact that most of the used furniture looks like it is new because some have only been used for 6 months; some of the furniture comes from office clearances that the used office furniture suppliers participate in so it is not like they have picked the furniture out of a skip and tried to made it look good, it has real quality.

A draw back of the used office furniture is the fact that it may be damaged in some ways with wear and tear or more obvious damaged with chunks missing out the wood or colour fading etc and this could put customers of the idea of enquiring at your company as they may see you as tacky and don’t care about their image.

Baring these factors in mind, you can clearly see that both new and used office furniture have their pros and their cons but if you were to ask my opinion, I would choose used office furniture because most furniture suppliers have showrooms that you can come and inspect the piece of furniture that you wish to purchase so if it was damaged, then you simply wouldn’t buy the product and the added factor that you are contributing towards saving the environment.


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