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Oct 24

Go Green by Reupholstering Your Used Office Furniture

reupholstering your used office furnitureHave you got used office furniture lying about that looks a bit knackered? Have you been thinking about throwing it out and investing in new office furniture to spruce up your workplace? STOP! Before you even think about doing that, consider another option that will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save you a lot of money while delivering high quality furniture. Reupholstery Service is the environmentally friendly way to recycle your furniture.

Reupholstery specialists are able to inject some life into your used office furniture, leaving it looking as good as new. Why throw out an item that is functioning perfectly well but simply doesn’t look its best anymore? Alternatively, you can send your office furniture to skilled craftsmen who will renovate the items to meet your individual needs.

There are many people who might think it’s easier to buy new office furniture. But, in reality, this is often very expensive and the products are not as strong as older furniture which has been built to last. Inevitably, these older products will suffer from wear and tear over the years, but you can go green by opting for a Reupholstery Service.

A tatty used office chair can be reupholstered with new padding and fabric of any colour or design for as little as £35. There are so many different options with reupholstering. You can request the item to be kept the same colour and design or you could ask for a new bespoke design tailored to your company’s specific colouring or logo. This will undoubtedly bring some life back into your office furniture and modernise your office. A fresh-looking office means happier and more comfortable employees. This may lead to them working to their fullest potential as opposed to if they were surrounded by dull and uncomfortable office furniture.

It is vital that companies – big and small – acknowledge their responsibility to strive towards greener recycled office furniture solutions and work towards decreasing pollution. If you choose this option, you can rest easy knowing that you have taken the eco-friendly path and saved yourself money without sacrificing on your high standards.

Reupholstery is becoming a very popular service and Barkham Office Furniture are so confident with the work their experts carry out that they offer a year guarantee with all used office furniture. So, why not try out this service today and experience all the perks associated with going green.


Author bio:
Dilpreet is an Internet Marketing Consultant and freelance journalist passionate about working towards a greener future for Barkham Office Furniture.

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