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Oct 26

Moving With Saving Your Green Friends (Houseplants)

house plantsSome people are so in love with plants and nature, that they do not want to part with the garden plants when they leave their present home. Usually, plants are the last thing to be placed in a moving van while loading the stuff for moving. Here are a few steps that you can take to make the moving process painless for them.

Plan prior to moving

None of the moving companies cover plants in their insurance policies. On the other hand they are most vulnerable to damage in transit. Plants are even more fragile than glass. Lack of insurance should make you more cautious while preparing the plants for the move. Certain removals company London won’t even approve of taking plants along with them in the moving vehicle. If you are moving internationally, you may not be able to take your houseplants along with you, as some countries have such restrictions.

Prepare the plants for move

If you have a variety of plants at your existing home, and you want to take a few, you must choose them weeks before you move. See whether they are fit for transit. You may also carry out some pest control treatments. If you have planted them in stone pots, remove them in plastic pots. Extreme temperatures and lack of fresh air and moisture can be fatal for houseplants. You can also contact your local Dept of Agriculture to conduct an inspection on your plants for pests, molds, mildew, and disease.

Hire a mover with plant moving experience

Browse through the internet and look for some trustworthy companies, who have an expert hand at moving plants. Ask them whether they would take charge of packaging them up especially, or whether you are required to do so yourself. If the removal company does not offer packing services, you must to it on your own very carefully. You can place them in a zip loc bag, but do not zip up them, as they may wither for lack of air.

Plants should be moist while moving. Most of the houseplants can survive without water and light for up to a week. You must prune large plants before moving them to a new location. Eliminate all the plant parasites to avoid any kind of damage.

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