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Green Autumn Activities for the Family

Autumn generally brings about cold weather, dark nights and plenty of fallen leaves. It can be a time when you use a lot of energy in your home in a bid to keep warm and it’s less likely for your children to be playing outside. This means they may turn to the television, games consoles and PCs for entertainment. Not only is this bad for their health as they won’t be getting much exercise, it also means your home’s carbon footprint will increase, as will your energy bills. If you find your family are just about to hibernate for the winter in front of the TV, here are some fun activities you can do as a family that definitely won’t result in square eyes…

Go conker picking

This is probably the only time from now until snowfall when your children will actually want to leave the house – so treasure it! Go picking conkers for them to battle with at school, the fresh air and walking is great for exercising and the activity should be more exciting for them than walking the dog.

Create animal draft excluders

Drafts can be a costly problem for the home as the heat you’re paying to generate is leaving through gaps and being replaced by cold air – reducing your home efficiency and increasing your energy bills! Draft excluders can be a convenient solution to visible gaps that are allowing heat to escape – they’re generally placed under doors and windows where you can feel a draft protruding. Rather than buying them you could create animals ones with your children, from snakes to sausage dogs the options for draft excluder creation are endless. Why not have a competition to see who can create the funkiest animal draft excluder?

DIY Halloween Costumes

With Halloween being the main event of autumn it’s time to think about dressing up for Halloween parties! Rather than going out and buying new costumes for all the family why not make your own? Your costumes will be totally unique and it can be a fun activity to do with your children. Just make sure you don’t use bin bags to make witches cloaks as they’re bad for the environment!

Collage of Leaves

There are many leaves on the ground in different shapes, sizes and colours. Children love to make collages using items and leaves and flowers can make a really pretty collage for them to hang on their bedroom wall. Take them to the park or around the garden to collect the best leaves, buy some non-toxic glue and see what creation they can muster up!

Autumn can be a fun time if you spend it with the family. With Halloween and bonfire night occurring close to each other there are some great opportunities for family fun. If you can be green and spend time with your family then you’re destined for a great autumn!

Written by Stephanie Staszko on behalf of Solvis Free Solar Panels. You can find Steph on Twitter @StephStaz talking about all things green.

Clay Miller
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