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Green Ways to Promote Your Business

It is becoming increasingly pertinent to run a business in a green and environmentally responsible way. This applies to not only manufacturing activities, but marketing efforts as well. Marketing represents an entirely different area of business activity that can also have a negative effect on the environment.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to promote a business in an environmentally friendly manner, such as:

Organic Promotional Items

A successful way of promoting a business is to give away free gifts branded with the name and/or logo of the company. These are called promotional items and are unanimously recognised as a very effective marketing tool. The aim is to provide the customer with an item of value that can be used often, resulting in frequent exposure to the company name. This will also rub off onto the customer’s friends, family and other associates.

Common types of promotional items include pens, key rings, mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads and more. If these items are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way then this would constitute a green marketing method. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier to source such products from products with greener credentials. Make sure to contact manufacturers of eco-friendly pens, T-shirts made from sustainable fibres and organically produced/recycled paper and other such materials. There are many products now constructed from bamboo or recycled tyres!

Green Retractable Banner Stands at Trade Shows

Another great opportunity for marketing and promotion are trade shows. These events are a great way of telling other businesses and potential customers about the products and services you can odder. A business’ presence at a trade show can make a great statement about its importance and intentions.

A key tool for any business attending a trade show is the banner stand. Banner stands serve to display business related posters and graphics that advertise or give information about the services you can offer. Some even come in retractable form that can be rolled or folded up for portability.

Banner stands, like promotional items, can be produced in an environmentally responsible way. For instance, bamboo is fast becoming one of the most sustainable raw materials available – growing well in many different kinds of environment, easily planted and maintainable, and known to regrow quickly after being harvested – making it a great alternative to wood and other raw materials. Bamboo banner stands provide an excellent way of boosting your business’ green credentials whilst showing other trade show attendees that your company is playing its part in securing a green future.

With environmental issues becoming an increasing concern, it certainly makes sense to start considering greener promotional methods where possible. This tells your customers that your company has something worthwhile to offer in both a business sense and in an environmental one as well.

Dane Cross is a UK blogger with a keen interest in green issues. He is currently writing on behalf of Marler Haley.

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