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Guest Post: How Vehicle Tracking Can Save Fuel and the Environment

Businesses are constantly on the lookout for new ways to make their businesses green. Not only does this look appealing to potential customers, it also really does help to save the environment and it is important that businesses do all they can in this respect.

If your business owns and operates a fleet of vehicles, it is a good idea to install Remote Asset Management tracking. The primary reason businesses install such systems are for security reasons in the event of vehicle theft, however the systems can be utilised to much greater effect.

One benefit of vehicle tracking is that routes can be remotely planned by the system to give the driver the most efficient route. For example, a driver delivering a number of parcels can be provided with a calculated route to each delivery location. This route will be calculated to be the shortest route possible. Not only does this enable the driver to deliver packages more efficiently and quickly, it also means that less fuel is consumed along the way. Over the course of a month, this results in considerable cut backs on fuel, keeping the environment and your books green.

Of course, with shorter and more efficient routes, your vehicles will experience a reduced rate of wear and tear. Enabling your vehicles to last longer means fewer parts need to be replaced giving your existing fleet a longer life span. Tyres in particular will need to be replaced less often, keeping tyres away from the landfill and remaining on your vehicles.

Not only can vehicle tracking reduce your vehicles’ wear and tear, it can also identify problems with your vehicles before they progress to become worse. Vehicle diagnostics monitoring allows you to remotely see any issues your vehicles are experiencing and allows you to act upon them before the issue escalates and becomes more costly to repair. A well maintained vehicle runs more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption.

With these points in mind, vehicle tracking can reduce wear and tear and helps you to keep a high level of maintenance on your vehicles. This, combined with efficient route planning will reduce fuel consumption and costly part replacement saving not only your bank balance but the environment too, which is becoming more important every day.

Clay Miller
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