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Guest Post: How Car Shipping Services Help the Environment

While driving cars does contribute to the world’s pollution, it does seem to be a necessary evil for Americans and many people around the world. If you need to move your vehicle from one state to another, you might be surprised to find that car shipping services may be the greenest method of doing so.

Instead of driving your family cars to a distant location yourself, hire auto transport companies to do so for you. Car haulers save on gas by hauling multiple vehicles at the same time, which is less fuel intensive than driving each vehicle individually. They also travel on well-established routes, and are less likely to get lost on a state-to-state move, which saves gas. Finally, shipping multiple vehicles on a single truck reduces traffic, which wastes less time and space on the freeway.

Shipping vehicles also saves on vehicle wear and tear. Long distance driving can be rough on older vehicles. It often necessitates the replacement of tires and motor oil. Save on these resources by shipping your car. Many people consider selling a car instead of paying to transport it. However, be aware that building new cars uses more of the Earth’s resources than driving a used car. Consume less by shipping a car safely and securely.

Another aspect in which shipping a car is less environmentally hazardous than driving one is the type of fuel being consumed. Diesel engines found in shipping vehicles produce fewer carbon emissions. This is especially true for biodiesel engines, which are quickly becoming commonplace in the shipping industry.

Also, consider delivery methods when purchasing car shipping services. If you live in a major metropolitan area, door-to-door delivery is suitable. But, if you live in a remote or rural area, purchase terminal-to-terminal shipping so the truck does not have to drive long distances out of its way.

Of course, when purchasing car shipping services, you need to know how you will arrive at your final destination. If you have multiple vehicles, drive your family in one vehicle and ship the rest. Alternatively, you can take a mass transit option, like buses, trains, or planes, which save on fuel by transporting many people at once.

Living green is important to maintain the vibrance, beauty, and abundance found on the planet. Auto shipping, luckily, is one way to save on fuel while maintaining a green lifestyle.

Clay Miller
the authorClay Miller
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