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Guest Post: Generate Your Own Electricity to Live a Greener Life

If you’re keen to go green, generating your own electricity is a fantastic way of achieving this goal and doing your bit to help the environment.

Anyone who often sits on their sofa beds in the living room worrying about their energy bills could have their minds put at ease if they choose to produce their own electricity or heat energy.

There are a number of different options available to you and it’ll just be a case of thinking about them in detail and deciding what’s best.

Solar PV panels

Solar electricity systems are becoming quite common throughout the UK, with panels fitted to roofs in order to capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic – PV – cells. The cells are able to transform the sunlight into electricity and this is then used to power household appliances and even lighting in the home.

Wind turbines

While you’ll be used to seeing large-scale wind turbines in the countryside around Britain, you might not realise you can create a smaller-scale version in your own home. If you’ve got plenty of land around you, why not install wind turbines to generate electricity? You can produce enough electricity this way to power your home.

Ground-source heat pumps

If you’re looking to heat your home this winter in an eco-friendly manner, you might want to consider fitting ground-source heat pumps. These can be installed in your back garden and they extract heat from the ground. Whether you’ve got underfloor heating systems or just radiators in your home, these can be powered by this heat source.

Air-source heat pumps

Another way of heating your property is using air-source heat pumps. Rather than using the ground, these pumps extract heat from the outside air. They can be used to power the same heating systems as ground-source pumps, as well as hot water in your home.

With so many options out there, it’ll just be a case of deciding which sounds best for you. But if you do choose to generate your own electricity, you can be sure that you won’t be worrying about energy bills this winter when you’re sitting on your sofa bed!

Clay Miller
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