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Reuse, Repurpose: Practical Plastic Bag Recycling Ideas

When we hear the word ‘recycle’, we tend to think about the huge picture: collecting and sorting discarded plastics and other materials and depositing them at the curb to be picked up by recycling facilities so these can be used to create new products. While this is a process we’re not directly part of, recycling is actually something we can do in our daily lives. ‘Recycling’ is the process of taking used materials and making them into new products, thus reducing the consumption of virgin raw materials and resources, and minimizing pollution. Plastic products are pretty much the easiest things to recycle, and with plastic bags being used with pretty much everything every day, it’d be silly not to even think about recycling them. Here are a few handy and even fun ideas on how to recycle and remake used plastic bags into new things and for new uses:

  • Trash can liners – This is the easiest way to recycle plastic bags. By reusing these bags as trash can liners, you don’t only help lessen plastic pollutions in landfills and bodies of water; you also manage to cut down on household costs. You can take care of the trash without having to buy new plastic garbage bags.
  • Dropcloths and covers – You could pull up old sheets of plastic and even garbage bags to use as dropcloths when painting or renovating to avoid damage to the floor, the furniture, and other items. You could also repurpose old plastic bags to cover your barbecue grill or any other item that needs to go to storage to keep the dust and pests away.
  • Craft ‘new’ household items – You can use used plastic and garbage bags in an assortment of craft projects and other items. Strips of the bags can be coiled, knitted, pleated, or even stitched into baskets, rugs, and mats. You can even fashion a small bit of knitted plastic into a durable and effective scouring pad for cleaning around the house.

Of course, when recycling plastic items, you must remember to properly clean the used products beforehand. You could also choose to use plastic products made of recycled content. Plastic Place offers a special line of plastic garbage bags that are not only sturdy and lightweight, but are designed with an anti-microbial protection called Microban® to fight germs, odors, mold, and mildew. This anti-microbial guard is designed never to wear off, and thus recycling Plastic Place garbage bags is easier and more sanitary.

You can explore even more plastic bag recycling options available, or maybe come up with your own! You’ll not only help lessen the massive amount of plastic pollution, but you’ll also have inexpensive yet effective alternatives for other everyday items.

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