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Green Up Your Diet

There are so many ways to go and stay green the list is endless. I think reason being for this endlessness is that that people are coming up new exciting and cool ideas everyday on how to be greener. Diet is another facet of our lives in which can find ways to be more earth friendly. There are plenty of ways to do this without really much of a hassle or changeup in your own specific diet if of course you were already on a pretty decent one to begin with.

Cook and eat more at home

This has become a more and more trending lifestyle change in most modern cultures all over the world. You’ll notice the more you do this, it’s cost effective, healthier, and helps the environment if you buy simpler packaged goods. I grew to enjoy cooking more at home because I could expand on my culinary prowess and impress my friends at the same time. Cooking can be fun although tedious. Still, the shining star reason for doing this and why it is recommended by so many and catching on so quickly is that it saves a massive amount of money.

Eat Less Meat

Really? Look don’t take this the wrong way if you’re an Atkins person or anything like that but meat is an expensive commodity and costs a lot be maintained, preserved, and distributed. An interesting little statistic here is that livestock accounts for eighteen percent for the greenhouse gas emissions according to the United Nations. If that’s coming from the United Nations, you better just nod your head and believe this statistic because well, it’s coming from the United Nations.

Just think, if we all ate less of it, eventually stores would stop producing as much. If this were the case, less packaging materials would have to be scrounged up. Another result would be the stores would lower prices on everything. Now we’re talking.

Eat Real Food

We all should make the effort here to eat more natural foods. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and other organic based products are also starting to trend more in this day in age. Stop buying the nonsense guys c’mon! Why does a yodel cake have a shelf life that can outlast a Frisbee? It just doesn’t add up you know? Look were all adults here I assume so I’d also assume most of us have gotten past the sweet tooth phase. Sure some packaged freeze dried foam compressed sugar slammed goodies can look enticing. Solution, don’t go down that aisle. You can find plenty of sugar right in nature anyway.

Get a Garden

Now I’m not suggesting moving out to farm country and living off the land watching tumble weed frolic by with a hay straw in your mouth. Maybe there’s just a few different natural’s you like? Why not take a stab at growing them at your place? You can use round clay pots or storage devices. You can even now buy kits in stores that help you with this. For example, there’s a tomato vine product that you can hang from something and water through the top. Just something I thought worth mentioning.

Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk is good for a couple reasons. This has actually gotten so trendy that I believe it is the main reason why so many of these club warehouse stores have emerged over the past decade or so (you know Sam’s Club/Costco). Buying in bulk does help with the environment by eliminating a lot of packaging waste. All of that useless plastic, paper, and ceramic wrappings can be avoided by buying larger quantities. And no you don’t need to be a member of any club store to accomplish this one no problem.

So there you have it. These are just a couple ideas thrown out there for you to soak up. Try one, try all, it’s up to you. Some of these can really improve one’s overall quality of life if you do them correctly. Saving money, keeping your body healthy, and all while staying earth friendly? Sounds like win-win and another win situation to me.

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