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Five Eco-Friendly Dog Products for the Green Owner

With the pet industry positively booming, today there are more opportunities than ever to treat your pooch like royalty. And with retailers increasingly conscious of pet owners’ desire to buy products that don’t have a harmful impact on the environment, eco-friendly dog products are more popular than ever. Here are five eco-friendly dog products that demonstrate that treating your dog doesn’t mean you have to mistreat Mother Earth.

From the people over at Sojourner Farms, check out their line of freeze-dried dog food mixes. Made from all-natural ingredients, the Sojo dog food mix is a dry powder that when mixed with water turns into wholesome, healthful dog food. A one pound bag of mix turns into five pounds’ worth of fresh kibble. The all-natural, preservative-free food mix contains a tasty mix of grains, vegetables and herbs that provides a nutritional, natural meal for your dog.

Over at West Paw Design, take a look at this doggie boutique’s line of organic dog beds, which are made from organic cotton and a recycled cushion that in another life was plastic soda bottles. The organic “bumper beds” have also been tested for harmful chemicals, so you and your pup can rest easy knowing that you’ve picked out a perfectly safe, perfectly eco-friendly dog bed.

West Paw Design also offers a number of eco-friendly dog toys that will keep your pooch occupied for hours on end. Made from West Paw’s eco-friendly “Zogoflex” material, these toys are tough and pliable, and will stand up to all sorts of doggie damage. Free of toxic materials such as lead, latex, asbestos, and other nasty stuff, the Zogoflex toys are fun, safe, and easy on Mother Nature.

Doggie hygiene products retailer Tropiclean sells a wide variety of safe, all-natural products to keep your pup clean and happy. Check out their oatmeal and tea tree dog shampoo, which is designed to sooth dry or patchy skin and strengthen your pup’s coat. With no harsh chemicals, and an eco-friendly packaging, Tropiclean’s shampoo will keep you, your dog, and the Earth itself clean and happy.

Olive Green Dog makes a wide variety of doggie accessories, as well as a number of healthy, organic dog snacks. Their line of organic cookies are gluten-free, low in saturated fats, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Offered in apple, banana-nut, berry, and, yes, “my oh my pizza pie” flavors, these organic treats should keep your pup satisfied.

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