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Environmental Impact Of Car Transport Services

Moving across the country involves a lot of planning, especially if you need to be settled in your new home by a certain date. One of the problems of a long distance relocation is what to do about the family automobiles. Driving them yourself means splitting up the group and there is always the risk of a major repair along the way. And driving vehicles hundreds or even thousands of miles simply to relocate them burns a lot of fuel, leaving a heavy carbon footprint. The best solution to this dilemma is to use the services of an auto transport company, who will ship your vehicle point-to-point, on time and on schedule, with no gasoline used by your car and no pollution created by it.

Compare The Costs

Driving the vehicle means spending a lot of money on fuel as well as hotel rooms, meals and possible repairs to the auto. For those taking a small fleet of cars to an auto or trade show, it also means the possibility of running late. Instead, many choose to fly to their destination and have their car(s) transported by a reputable vehicle shipper. These companies are not only affordable, they run regular schedules across the nation and can easily secure a convenient pickup and drop-off time. In the long run, the cost is about the same as driving the car yourself, but without the added miles on the vehicle’s odometer, and without the added carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

Better For The Environment

Watch a train pass by, with its double-decker load of containers. Each of those could have been driven as part of a tractor/trailer combo, with thousands of gallons spent on fuel. The train locomotives use far less fuel per ton of cargo, and that is exactly what an car transport company offers. Their modern vans or auto carriers haul thousands of cars across the country each and every day, and the amount of fuel expended is less than one-tenth what would be burned if the cars were driven individually.

Proper Dispatching Is The Key

These companies have a constant load of vehicles to be transported between all major cities in the nation. Their dispatching service connects customers to a route that is favorable on the dates that are agreeable to the vehicle owner. And once the car is loaded and secured, it is almost never transferred to another carrier, meaning less field personnel are needed to insure the vehicle arrives at the proper destination on time. This saves the auto shipping company money, and this savings is passed along to the customer.

Just Like Carpooling

Passengers on a major bus line are all headed for different destinations along a single route. And those who carpool are picked up at various locations along a route to the workplace. An auto transport service operates in the same manner, resulting in far less fuel expenditure. This is why these services are so affordable, and coupled with the real-time tracking performed by the dispatchers, it becomes almost certain your vehicle will arrive at the specified drop-off point on the exact day scheduled.

Everyone can breathe easier knowing that less pollution is created and less petroleum products are being used. As society moves toward an era where there will be less dependency on oil and gas, the auto transport industry will be pointed to as an innovator in moving vehicle traffic as efficiently as possible while keeping the atmosphere just a little cleaner.

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